Toreto Wireless Speakers Price List in India

Best Toreto Wireless Speakers Products (2020)

Toreto TBS-310 Twin Magno Bluetooth Speaker

Toreto TBS-310 Twin Magno Bluetooth Speaker

  1. » Bluetooth Game On- Twin Magno can give you an ultimate performance as a Bluetooth speaker. Don't put yourself in a doubtful situation with thoughts like its range may or may not provide you with the optimum sound. You can enjoy it after maintaining a distance of 10 metres from the music player.
  2. » Magnetic and Detachable- This intact looking speaker set can also be used as two speakers by detaching them, thanks to its True Wireless Stereo(TWS) operation. You can turn them on and off separately, and play them with the help of aux on an individual basis once again. Besides, both speakers are eligible to play different music at the same time as per your preferences.
  3. » Powerful Output- Special attention has been paid to the sound quality of Twin Magno because you witness an output of 5Wx2 when you play music via them. Whether it's light melodies you want to enjoy or something more than that, it won't disappoint you as a whole unit, or even as two separate units.
  4. » Battery Backup- With the battery backup of 8 hours, you can practice your dance routine non-stop. If you want to create a light music environment for more than 8 hours, you may play each of its unit one-by-one and bring 1000 x 2 mAh to good use. So enjoy music mania, Twin Magno style.
  5. » Design to Die For- Highlighting the old-school style, Twin Magno rocks the radio looks in wood-like body. You may put it on display as an antique in any corner of your house and surprise your guests by playing this ancient style speaker. Don't forget to flaunt the magnetic magic of detaching this speaker set. And if you're on the move, the trendy and easy-to-carry zipper pouch lets you bring your groove, anywhere and everywhere.
Rs 3,490 Rs 5,999
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Toreto TOR 304 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Toreto TOR 304 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  1. » The 2 speaker units placed in the handy TOR 304 Pocket Max delivers high sound quality. It is also equipped with a bass radiator that improves deep pitch sound from the system. With output capacity of 2 x 3 watts, it is an incredible choice among other pocket size wireless speakers.
  2. » TOR 304 Pocket Max is a water resistant gadget that gives you freedom to enjoy music near pool area and beaches. Its durable and vibrantly coloured rubber finish body makes it resistant to water.
  3. » TOR 304 Pocket Max is not just a music speaker but also acts as a card reader.The device can transfer songs by connecting it with a USB Data Cable. The favourite numbers can now be easily moved from one device to another.
  4. » With Pocket Max, you can place your gadget in one corner of the room while surfing on your mobile in the other. The 10m wireless range works perfectly clear, while giving you ease of moving around in the room.
Rs 1,502 Rs 2,499
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Toreto Bang Bluetooth Speaker

Toreto Bang Bluetooth Speaker

  1. » Bluetooth
Rs 1,400 Rs 2,000
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Toreto TBS-315 Bluetooth Speaker

Toreto TBS-315 Bluetooth Speaker

  1. » The bass of this music boomer will give you every reason to tap along the beats and always catch the beat drop. Besides, if your party is happening even outdoor, the sound will reach every ear, every heart, every soul, compelling them to contribute their dancing bit.
  2. » The classy sling bag inspired look makes Boombox TBS 315 an easy-to-carry-anywhere speaker.
  3. » Its built-in FM Radio lets you enjoy real-life prank calls so that you can make others laugh too.
  4. » It allows you play music via aux, micro SD card and even bluetooth with up to 10 metres' distance. So next time you forget your aux cable or SD card at home, just connect your smartphone's playlist with Boombox and let the magic happen.
  5. » Single charge of this device will last long for a quarter of the day so no worries about party hindrance. It has 4400mAh battery that will last till the after party, so also shed off that worry from your mind.
Rs 2,899 Rs 5,499
( upto 47% Off )
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Toreto TBS-307 Sound Around Bluetooth Speaker

Toreto TBS-307 Sound Around Bluetooth Speaker

  1. » Bluetooth: wireless music streaming (up to10 meters)
  2. » USB input for audio playback from USB devices
  3. » Mp3 link for audio playback from external audio devices
  4. » FM radio with 20 preset stations
  5. » Telescopic Antenna
Rs 1,599
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Toreto Sound Star-2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Toreto Sound Star-2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  1. » Multiple Connectivity- Other than Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy the sound of this music star, using other options like USB cable Pendrive, TF card, and even aux cable.
  2. » Power of 6W- With the power of 6W and 2000mAh battery, the Sound Star 2 is all geared up to set your party on fire.
  3. » In-built FM- Got bored playing your scheduled songs and want to surprise yourself? Switch to the in-built FM feature of Sound Star 2 and experience the days of retro when songs used to hit you out of nowhere.
  4. » Play for 6 Hours- You can spend a quarter of your day playing music on this sound marvel without any break. Just charge it for a while and get going with the musical fun ride for up to 5-6 hours.
  5. » Complimentary Cables- The portable Bluetooth speaker is not the only thing that you will get in this packaging, an aux cable, and a USB charging cable comes complimentary with it.
Rs 3,699
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Toreto Wireless Speakers Price List on September, 2020

Toreto Wireless Speakers Models List Latest Price
Toreto TBS-310 Twin Magno Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 3,490
Toreto TOR 309 Storm Portable Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 2,999
Toreto TOR 304 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 1,502
Toreto Bang Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 1,400
Toreto TBS-315 Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 2,899
Toreto TBS-307 Sound Around Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 1,599
Toreto TOR-305 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 2,239
Toreto Sound Star-2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 3,699
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