Panasonic Headphones Price List in India

Quality Headphones with Wide Variety for your Music Needs from Panasonic

Panasonic is one of the oldest and most trusted brands for electronics in India and across the world. Naturally, Panasonic headphones too, are a big hit among the consumers. A good pair of headphones, as any mobile or mp3 user will agree, is an indispensable part of music. Panasonic has provided music lovers with quality products and long-lasting endurance for decades. This is a major reason why people love Panasonic. To know more about Panasonic Headphones Price List in India, scroll down on and you will understand the reason for their popularity.

Best Panasonic Headphones Products (2018)

Panasonic RP-HV41GU Wired Headphones Image
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Panasonic RP-HS200E-D Headphone Image
Panasonic RP-HS200E-D Headphone
Canal in-ear type for firm fit / 5 active colors matching with the various scenes
Rs 1,549
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Panasonic RP HJE120 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP HJE120 Headphones
Black ultra-soft ErgoFit in-ear earbud headphones conform instantly to your ears / Eight vivid fashion color options with color-matching earbuds and cords (color-matching for iPod Nano 5th generation)
Rs 1,643
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Panasonic RP-HT360 Over-the-ear Headphones Image
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Panasonic RP-HX350ME On the Ear Headset Image
Panasonic RP-HX350ME On the Ear Headset
Frequency Response: 9Hz-25KHz / Impedence: 32ohm
Rs 1,850
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Panasonic RP-HV094 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HV094 Headphones
Earbud style / Driver Unit - 14.8mm
Rs 237
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Panasonic RP-HGS 10 Open-Ear Bone Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HGS 10 Open-Ear Bone Headphones
Octarib Speakers / ErgoFit Design
Rs 1,590
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Panasonic RP-HT225 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HT225 Headphones
Rs 3,770
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Panasonic RP-HJE140 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HJE140 Headphones
3 size ear-pads are supplied for comfortable fitting / 6 attractive colors and fashionable design
Rs 499
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Panasonic RP-HXS400E-W Stereo On-the-ear Headphone Image
Panasonic RP-HXS400E-W Stereo On-the-ear Headphone
Cable: * Length: 1.2 m * One cable * Flat Cable / Plug: * Type: L-shape * Diameter: 3.5 mm
Rs 2,899
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Panasonic RP-HV241 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HV241 Headphones
3 size ear-pads are supplied for comfortable fitting / Frequency response 10Hz-25kHz
Rs 799
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Panasonic RP-HGS10E Bone Conduction Wired.. Image
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Panasonic RP-HX200 On the Ear Headphone Image
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Panasonic RP-HS34E Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HS34E Headphones
Frequency response: 10Hz-25 kHz / 3.5mm Nickel Plated club
Rs 761
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Panasonic RP-HS46E-W Headphone Image
Panasonic RP-HS46E-W Headphone
Powerful sound with 30mm driver unit / Secure and comfortable fit with ergonomic design ear hook
Rs 379
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Panasonic RP-HT260 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HT260 Headphones
Rs 5,862
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Panasonic RP-DJS150ME Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-DJS150ME Headphones
Smartphone compatible with integrated microphone and remote for Apple (iPhone / iPod / iPad), Android and Blackberry devices / 30mm neodymium drivers deliver powerful sound, rich bass and natural treble
Rs 779
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Panasonic RP-HG15 Sports Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HG15 Sports Headphones
Frequency response 14 Hz-24 kHz / Driver unit: 30mm
Rs 799
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Panasonic RP-HF300 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HF300 Headphones
Rs 1,169
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Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones Image
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Panasonic RP-HT010 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HT010 Headphones
Large and foam ear pads and ergonomically designed wide headband / Movable housing for comfort fit
Rs 410
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Panasonic RP-HJF5E-S Headphone Image
Panasonic RP-HJF5E-S Headphone
Manufacturer Warranty
Rs 349
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Panasonic RP-HX250 Over The Ear Headset Image
Panasonic RP-HX250 Over The Ear Headset
Frequency Response: 9Hz-25KHz / Impedence: 24ohm
Rs 1,098
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Panasonic RP-HJE270E Headphone Image
Panasonic RP-HJE270E Headphone
Manufacturer Warranty / Cable Length : 1.2
Rs 1,199
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Panasonic RP-DJS400 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-DJS400 Headphones
Free-style monitoring with Swivel mechanism / Convenient travel-fold design for compact carrying
Rs 2,000
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Panasonic RP-HS220 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-HS220 Headphones
rich and powerful sound / Light and Comfortable Design
Rs 3,559
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Panasonic RP-HS6E-S Headphone Image
Panasonic RP-HS6E-S Headphone
Neodymium rare-earth magnet for rich and powerful sound / Frequency response 10Hz-25kHz
Rs 656
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Panasonic RP-DJ1210 DJ Headphones Image
Panasonic RP-DJ1210 DJ Headphones
High-input and wide frequency range driver unit / Free-style monitoring with swing arm mechanism
Rs 16,708
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Panasonic RP HJE125 Headphones Image
Panasonic RP HJE125 Headphones
Rs 639
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Panasonic RP-HT161E-K Headphone Image
Panasonic RP-HT161E-K Headphone
30mm driver units / Larger soft ear pads for comfort listening
Rs 656
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Panasonic Headphones Price List on August, 2018

Panasonic Headphones Models List Updated Price List
Panasonic RP-HV41GU Wired Headphones Rs. 575
Panasonic RP-HS200E-D Headphone Rs. 1,549
Panasonic RP-HV094GU-K In-the-ear Headphones Rs. 269
Panasonic RP HJE120 Headphones Rs. 1,643
Panasonic RP-HT360 Over-the-ear Headphones Rs. 3,278
Panasonic RP-HX350ME On the Ear Headset Rs. 1,850
Panasonic RP-HV094 Headphones Rs. 237
Panasonic RP-HGS 10 Open-Ear Bone Headphones Rs. 1,590
Panasonic RP-HT225 Headphones Rs. 3,770
Panasonic RP-HJE140 Headphones Rs. 499

Choose from a Whole Range of Awesome Panasonic Products

Like any major brand, Panasonic too considers the satisfaction of their customers a top priority. That is why you will find a whole range of excellent headphones, right from affordable models to high-end, expensive ones. Here we bring to you some of our top picks which we have chosen after careful consideration. For starters, you should check out the stylish and sporty Panasonic RP-HS34ME In Ear Wired model. It is water resistant, has an adjustable hanger and will easily fit in your ear. It is for these reasons, this one is hugely popular among athletes and joggers. For an over the ear option, you should check out the Panasonic RP-HT360 that is light weight, super comfortable and has an amazing open sound stage. Its bass is fantastic and comes in a classic black colour. It is not too expensive and costs INR 3319 and can prove to be a great gift option. Another popular headphone set is the Panasonic RP-HGS 10 Open-Ear Bone. This one goes all the way behind the head and thus ensures that it stays fixed. They come in a funky green colour and have a manufacturer’s warranty as well. These are all fantastic products that come with Panasonic’s brand trust and service. With the help of this site, you can discover amazing Panasonic Headphones Price Online and then proceed to choose your personal favourite that easily fits into your budget.

Before you make a purchase, Compare Panasonic Headphone Prices

If you have shortlisted your favourite set of headphones, but you think that it’s going beyond your budget, you should find out the lowest rate of Panasonic Headphones in India. With a touch of a button, you can make use of the Compare with Competitors option, where you can see all the online prices offered by different retailers at one place. This way, you will be able to see a range of products from different brands, offering different prices and then choose your favourite. You can even check out the product reviews, which will help you make a detailed analysis, after which you can easily choose the one that suits your needs the best. Even after this, if you wish to save some more bucks on the product, you can use the Top Deals section of our site to find amazing discount offers. Now you can get your favourite product, without ruining your budget. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, make a purchase. Thank us later.


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