Ortel Power Banks Price List in India


Most essential and common commodity of today’s world is a smart phone .India ranks 3rd in smartphone users rankings among all nations .But problem with smartphones is its limitations towards battery power .An average smartphone is provided with a battery power of 3000MAh and highest would be 4000MAh. How costlier your phone may be but it is worthless if it has no charge and runs out of charge all the time so beat this problem with ORTEL Power Banks. These Power Banks are portable and efficient gadgets for your smartphone. You may think I got a phone along with a charger why I need an additional gadget? Well, because you could not carry your charger everywhere

Ortel Power Banks Price List on May, 2020

Ortel Power Banks Models List Latest Price
Ortel SLIK 5000mAh Power Bank Rs. 692
Ortel 16000mAh Power Bank Rs. 1,192
Ortel M30 5600mAh Power Bank Rs. 442
Ortel M29 13000mAh Power Bank Rs. 1,292
Ortel KKD1 13000mAh Power Bank Rs. 1,092
Ortel M17 8000mAh Power Bank Rs. 1,292

Portability: Power banks are so portable and they are almost hassle-free one can carry them by keeping them in their pockets and it can be considered as a pocket charger
Never Run Out Of Charge: With this Ortel Power banks you will never run out of charge which makes you to work smart with your smartphone. These Power banks come handy during the times of travel and in regions of heavy power cuts and for a busy person who never has time to charge his device
Power banks with different Capacities: If you are a heavy mobile user and want more charge to run your device? Don’t worry you are provided with a choice to choose among different power bank capacities cited along with their ratings on our website. So, go on visit the site and grab them soon.
Time-Saving: Traditional way of plugging in the charger into the socket and charging your device keeping at a single position and waiting for it to get charged for hours it is a boring and time consumption process you can avoid this situation with portable power banks. Carry the power source wherever you go and never get bothered about your device power-draining issue.

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Ortel power banks come in different models featuring different specifications. It is supplied with multiple sockets so that different phones can be connected with the charger with the help of the USB cable supplied with it. It can charge more than one phone at a time. And they are available in different capacities. If you are a heavy user you can opt a power bank with the highest capacity and remain charged all day.

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