Monster Wired Headsets Price List in India

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Are you a sports enthusiast who uses a soundtrack while working out or a biker who loves to listen to music while riding? If you engage in an active lifestyle, you would expect the same strength and adaptability in your headphones to meet your needs. Well, the headphones from Monster are perfectly suited for listening to music on the go and are extremely durable. In many of its in-ear headphones, the deep secure fit of the buds will not interfere with your vigorous activities like running, skipping, riding etc as these little buds will keep clutching your ears tightly without hurting you. Use our site to know details about Monster wired headsets price in India and then create your own shortlist according to the type of headphone you wish to buy and budget.

Best Monster Wired Headsets Products (2018)

Monster DNA On-Ear Headset Image
Monster DNA On-Ear Headset Pillow-Soft Noise Isolation The pillow-soft Advanced Noise Isolating cushions are comfortable for hours, keeping noise out and keeping your music from disturbing others. / Made Solid Whether stuffed in a bag or worn constantly, DNATM headphones' durable yet ultra-light materials help them withstand whatever your life throws at them. / Share Music With Musiclink DNATM headphones' dual audio input jacks let you MusicLink headphones together to share audio. Plug in and experience music and movies with your friends.
Rs 9,000
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Monster MH ISRT VIC IE BK CA WW iSport Victory Headset Image
Monster MH ISRT VIC IE BK CA WW iSport Victory Headset Patented SportClip stays in your ear / Total noise isolation / ControlTalk in-line mic with controls for iPad, iPhone and iPod
Rs 19,402
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Monster WH-930 Purity HD Wired On-Ear Stereo Headset Image
Monster WH-930 Purity HD Wired On-Ear Stereo Headset This is an ultra comfortable on-ear headset, with a well balanced design and soft ear pads that make it ideal for long listening sessions / Compatible with any smartphone, music player and other devices with a 3.5MM audio connector / With integrated music and call handling controls on the ControlTalk cable, can play music and take incoming calls handsfree
Rs 5,335
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Monster 128450 Wired Headset Image
Monster 128450 Wired Headset 100% Original product / Manufacturer Warranty
Rs 8,500
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Monster NCredible Ntune Headset Image
Monster NCredible Ntune Headset Delivers the punch you want from your music / Lightweight design you can wear all day / ControlTalk Universal controls your phone and your music
Rs 5,799
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Monster iSport Livestrong Headset Image
Monster iSport Livestrong Headset Patented SportClips and Pro Sound Isolating Eartips provide a secure, customized fit that will not shake out or sweat out / Proprietary Sealed Housing - Beach, mountains, take your iSport headphones anywhere / it's washable!
Rs 7,770
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Monster 1282-95 Over the Ear Wired Headset Image
Monster 1282-95 Over the Ear Wired Headset 100% Original product / Manufacturer Warranty
Rs 20,000
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Monster 128426 Diamond Tears Headset Image
Monster 128426 Diamond Tears Headset ControlTalk for any Smartphone or Tablet Every Diamond Tears Edge comes with three cables: a ControlTalk cable for controlling music and phone calls from iPad®, iPhone® and iPod®, a ControlTalk Universal cable for controlling Androids, tablets and other devices, and a straight mini-to-mini cable for airplane listening. Fully compatible with SkypeTM / Made by artists, for those who value beauty in their life. JYP is redefining the sound of pop music all over the world. Through his music, his movies and his supergroups like Wondergirls and RAIN JYP has delighted the world with his mixture of edgy fashion and irresistible sound. He and the technological artists at Monster have worked relentlessly to create an unrivalled sound and fashion experience.
Rs 17,400
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Monster NCredible NErgy Headset Image
Monster NCredible NErgy Headset Monster / Monster ncredible nenergy in-ear headphones (black)
Rs 6,797
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Monster Wired Headsets Price List on December, 2018

Monster Wired Headsets Models List Updated Price List
Monster DNA On-Ear Headset Rs. 9,000
Monster MH ISRT VIC IE BK CA WW iSport Victory Headset Rs. 19,402
Monster WH-930 Purity HD Wired On-Ear Stereo Headset Rs. 5,335
Monster 128450 Wired Headset Rs. 8,500
Monster NCredible Ntune Headset Rs. 5,799
Monster iSport Livestrong Headset Rs. 7,770
Monster iSport Intensity In the Ear Headset Rs. 4,342
Monster MH JYP DT ON BK CUA WW Headset Rs. 20,000
Monster MH JYP DT ON CT WW Headset Rs. 17,500
Monster 1282-95 Over the Ear Wired Headset Rs. 20,000

Grab a stylish Monster Wired Headphone from IndiaShopps and Standout from the Crowd

Monster is a brand that lays extensive emphasis on design aesthetics and its product range is a testament to the same. With the help of our site, you can know more about Monster wired headsets Price in India and then choose the best overhead or in-ear headphone for yourself at the best price. We have tried to list a whole bunch of interesting products for you to choose from across different price points. You have functional products like Ncredible Ntune staring below five thousand rupees to top of the line products like Monster MH MLD-T IE CT which cost over twenty-five thousand rupees.

Jazz up your Music Quotient with the Monster iSport Livestrong Headphones

The iSport model from Monster is an iconic product which has been created in association with cyclist Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation. It possesses key traits like strength, flexibility, durability and of course offers enhanced sound quality. Apart from all the ideal features, one of the advanced features of these headphones is that they are washable. So, if you are sweating or forgot these buddies in your tracksuit while they are in your washing machines then stay calm as it is guaranteed that these headphones will come out fine without any breakdown in their performance. The sweat battling ear tips, tangle free structure, lightweight with matchless audio effect will give you seamless result; a value for money product that is likely to last for years.

Compare Monster Wired Headset Prices Against Other e-Retailers

While there is very little that can go wrong with purchasing a Monster headset, it still is a good choice to compare it against rivals using our Compare with Competitor feature. Based on your analysis you can then use our site to discover accurate details about Monster wired headset price list in India and then purchase your preferred product at the lowest cost. On you also get the option to read customer reviews and know how the products you are interested in have fared with other customers.

Why Should you Buy a Wired Headset from Monster?

  • Stunning Sound Quality at reasonable prices
  • Bunch of iconic designs to choose from
  • Innovative features like rotating bud in many headsets

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