JBL Wired Headsets Price List in India

JBL – the one perfect set of headphones that fulfill all your needs

Anybody who knows anything about electronic devices and accessories is aware of JBL. As a brand not only is JBL extremely popular in the market, but it is also counted amongst the most premium electronic brands. Its likeability is huge and customers grab on to JBL products with both hands. Ever since its inception, JBL products, be it headphones or speakers, have been wildly popular with its loyal customer base. Find out all about JBL Wired Headsets Price List in India here at your one-stop shop, IndiaShopps

Best Jbl Wired Headsets Products (2018)

JBL Reflect Mini Wired Headset Image
JBL Reflect Mini Wired Headset
Premium 5.8mm dynamic drivers / Highly Reflective Cable
Rs 2,898
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JBL J88i On-the-ear Headset Image
JBL J88i On-the-ear Headset
Apple three-button remote with microphone / DJ 180-degree folding-axis mechanism
Rs 14,289
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JBL Focus 300 In-Ear Wired Headset Image
JBL Focus 300 In-Ear Wired Headset
Focus 300 ear buds are designed with heavy workouts and intensive exercise in mind. Sweat and moisture won't hold you back from your goals, and it should not affect your headphones. / Tired of the tangled rats nest that normal headphones find themselves with a gym bag? Quik ClikTM uses tangle-free magnet to deploy for your workout and store hassle-free immediately afterwards.
Rs 1,877
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JBL Synchros S300A Headset Image
JBL Synchros S300A Headset
Manufacturer Warranty
Rs 5,999
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JBL J55A Headset Image
JBL J55A Headset
Universal one-button remote with built-in microphone / Rotating, 180-degree DJ pivot mechanism
Rs 9,889
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JBL C100Si Dynamic Headset Image
JBL C100Si Dynamic Headset
Lightweight and comfortable / One-button universal remote with mic
Rs 799
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JBL J33i In-the-ear Headset Image
JBL J33i In-the-ear Headset
Exciting JBL design / Apple three-button remote with built-in microphone lets you control your iPod or iPhone
Rs 550
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JBL Harman E15 In-Ear Headset Image
JBL Harman E15 In-Ear Headset
Rs 1,499
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JBL BassLine Headset Image
JBL BassLine Headset
Straight cable with in-line mic connects you to portable devices - as well as to your phone / 40mm driver featuring high-performance JBL signature sound
Rs 2,990
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JBL T210 Stereo Headset Image
JBL T210 Stereo Headset
Rs 1,043
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JBL Synchros Reflect-I In-Ear Headset Image
JBL Synchros Reflect-I In-Ear Headset
iOS Compatible: iOS compatible cable desgin with remote/microphone cable included. / Adjustable Magnetic Cable Management: Clasp the ear buds around your neck and adjust cables to keep securely stowed.
Rs 4,949
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JBL Pure Bass T205 In the Ear Headset Image
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JBL T450 On Ear Wired Headset Image
JBL T450 On Ear Wired Headset
1-button remote with microphone / Lightweight and foldable design
Rs 1,849
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JBL C700SI Headset Image
JBL C700SI Headset
Lightweight & comfortable / Product Dimensions :24.4 x 19.2 x 10.4 cm
Rs 1,849
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JBL J55i On-the-ear Headset Image
JBL J55i On-the-ear Headset
Apple three-button remote with microphone / DJ 180-degree folding-axis mechanism
Rs 3,990
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JBL C200SI In the Ear Headset Image
JBL C200SI In the Ear Headset
Rs 899
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JBL Raaga Synchros S500AR Headset Image
JBL Raaga Synchros S500AR Headset
Signature JBL sound with PureBass performance / Powered by 2 AAA batteries, proprietary LiveStage signal processing technology delivers a more realistic sound experience
Rs 8,999
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JBL E10 In-the-Ear Headset Image
JBL E10 In-the-Ear Headset
Smartphone and tablet-friendly design with universal, inline, single-button remote microphone / Lightweight construction combined with angled ear-tubes and multiple-sized ear-tips for snug, secure, comfortable fit
Rs 8,899
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JBL T290 In-Ear Headset Image
JBL T290 In-Ear Headset
Rs 1,790
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JBL T110 Dynamic Headset Image
JBL T110 Dynamic Headset
Rs 790
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JBL C150SI Headset Image
JBL C150SI Headset
3 Sets Of Ear Tips(S, M, L) for Comfortable Listening / One-button Universal Remote With Mic
Rs 1,499
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JBL Wired Headsets Price in India

Jbl Wired Headsets Models List Updated Price List
JBL Reflect Mini Wired Headset Rs. 2,898
JBL J88i On-the-ear Headset Rs. 14,289
JBL Focus 300 In-Ear Wired Headset Rs. 1,877
JBL Synchros S300A Headset Rs. 5,999
JBL J55A Headset Rs. 9,889
JBL C100Si Dynamic Headset Rs. 799
JBL J33i In-the-ear Headset Rs. 550
JBL Harman E15 In-Ear Headset Rs. 1,499
JBL BassLine Headset Rs. 2,990
JBL T210 Stereo Headset Rs. 1,043

Grab the efficient JBL Wired Headphone from our site and fall in love with music

JBL is known for its ultra-high quality. Each product goes through a review process, after which it is decided if the end product is suitable to be sold in the market. Its customers swear by it and therefore are willing to spend some extra bucks for such premium quality headsets. They come in both over the ear and in-ear variety. They vary from colorful options to classy black and other solid colors. Here you can find products ranging from 800 rupees to 30000 rupees, depending on your spending capacity and specification requirements. Whatever be the case, I can vouch that you will not be disappointed. Find out our favorite among JBL Wired Headsets Price in India right here.

Jazz up your Music life with the JBL J33i In-the-ear Headsets

This iconic product from this iconic brand is one of the top favorite choices among consumers. Like all JBL products, they have a super powerful bass and this way, you will never miss a single beat. They have a separate volume controller so you can adjust it according to your personal needs. They are compatible with all devices that have Bluetooth facility. It comes with three extra pairs of silicon coverings so it will suit users of all ages. It has a metal alloy housing so it is guaranteed to last for a really long time, and coming from a brand like JBL, that means a lot. It costs around INR 12,299.

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While there is very little that can go wrong with buying a JBL wired headset, it still is a good advice to compare it against rivals using our Compare with Competitor option. Based on your analysis you can then use our site to discover accurate details about JBL wired headset price list and then purchase your preferred product at the lowest possible cost. On our siteyou also get the option to read genuine customer reviews and know all the pros and cons and then make an informed decision. You can even find amazing discounts at the Top Deals section and save money at your favorite pair of JBL wired headsets.

Why Should you Buy a Wired Headset from JBL?

  • It is JBL – that means it guarantees quality assurance and amazing performance.
  • Bunch of variety to pick from.
  • Innovative features like microphones in many headsets.



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