Itel Mobiles Price List in India

A few years back when people thought of the bare essentials that were needed for day to day living, food, shelter, and clothing were often the first things that strike their mind. Now access to a mobile phone is also a part of that necessity. From an elderly person to a youngster, phones have become an indispensable part of our day to day life. Today cell phones not only help us connect with our loved ones but also perform numerous functions such as surfing the internet, sending emails etc. So, to cater to the needs of all age group Itel brings to you a wide collection of cell phones. Ranging from a smart keypad phone to a feature loaded phone Itel will serve you all. So, if you wish to buy one just visit our website We offer you a complete list of Itel mobile prices online. Just go through the details, compare Itel mobile prices online and then book your purchase.

Best Itel Mobile Phones Products (2018)

Itel A20 (Vodafone) Image
Itel A20 ( 4 inch + 1GB RAM )
Total RAM : 1 GB / Internal Memory : 8 GB
Rs 2,860
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Itel Wish A41 Image
Itel Wish A41
Rs 4,289
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Itel IT5250 Image
Itel IT5250
0.3 MP camera / 1900 mAh battery.
Rs 1,099
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Itel S21 Image
Itel S21
1 GB RAM / 16 GB ROM
Rs 5,150
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Itel A42 Plus Image
Itel A42 Plus
2700 mAh Battery, Anroid 7.0 Nougat / 2Gb RAM, 16 Internal Memory
Rs 5,696
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Itel A41 Clax Image
Itel A41 Clax
155g / 4g volte, 3g, 2g
Rs 7,000
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Itel it5040 Image
Itel it5040
Other OS / Dual SIM
Rs 1,049
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Itel IT-5040 Image
Itel IT-5040
Colour: Multi
Rs 1,049
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Itel IT5603 Image
Itel IT5603
Other OS / Dual SIM
Rs 890
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Itel Selfiepro S41 Image
Itel Selfiepro S41
3GB RAM / 0.1S Fingerprint Sensor
Rs 6,849
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Itel IT-7100 Image
Itel IT-7100
Like: Oppo Mobile, Intex, Samsung, Intel, Charger, Pain Drive, Hand Freeetc. / Colour: White/Black/Golden
Rs 1,799
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Itel IT5331 Image
Itel IT5331
Rs 1,350
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Itel Wish A41 Plus Image
Itel Wish A41 Plus
Click Photos, Manage Calls Easily with SmartKey / Experience True Speed 4G Volte Connectivity
Rs 4,989
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Itel IT5612 Image
Itel IT5612
Rs 1,250
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Itel IT2131 Image
Itel IT2131
DISPLAY Physical size 4.5cm(1.8) Resolution 160x128 Resolution Type QQVGA Technology TN / DESIGN Network type: 2G Dimensions 115x49.5x14.8mm Color availability Black+Red, Grey, Teal Green
Rs 692
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Itel it1520 Image
Itel it1520
Camera: 13MP / Memory : 2 GB RAM 16 GB ROM
Rs 5,480
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Itel Wish A41 Image
Itel Wish A41
Front Flash / 4G VoLTE
Rs 4,000
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Itel IT5233 Smartselfie Image
Itel IT5233 Smartselfie
Rs 1,352
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Itel IT2180 Image
Itel IT2180
Rs 783
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Itel it1409 Image
Itel it1409
512MB RAM & 8GB ROM Upto 32 GB / Champagne Gold
Rs 2,259
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Itel IT5613 Image
Itel IT5613
Pose for a big screen : Big 6.1cm (2.4) display / The power of voice : King Voice
Rs 1,249
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Itel Shine IT5060 Image
Itel Shine IT5060
Bluetooth 3.0 / Auto Call Record
Rs 1,266
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Itel Wish A21 Image
Itel Wish A21
4G Volte Smart phone, Launched with first time Dual What's App function / 6.0 Marshmallow, 1.3 Quad Core processor, Supports Many of the Regional Languages
Rs 3,999
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Itel it 1516 plus Image
Itel it 1516 plus
Rs 4,520
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Itel it1518 Selfiepro Image
Itel it1518 Selfiepro
Rs 6,500
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Itel it5600 Image
Itel it5600
Like: Oppo Mobile, Intex, Samsung, Intel, Charger, Pain Drive, Hand Freeetc. / Colour: White/Black/Golden
Rs 840
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Itel it5020 Image
Itel it5020
Colour: Multi
Rs 800
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Itel it-1508 Image
Itel it-1508
5MP Rear Camera / 2400 mAh Battery
Rs 2,999
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Itel it5622 Image
Itel it5622
Rs 1,250
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Itel IT5231 Image
Itel IT5231
Rs 1,090
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Itel it-2180 Image
Itel it-2180
Rs 690
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Itel it2130 Image
Itel it2130
iTel Shine IT2130
Rs 720
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Itel Mobiles Price List on August, 2018

Itel Mobile Phones Models Updated Price List RAM
Itel A20 ( 4 inch + 1GB RAM ) Rs. 2,860 1 GB
Itel Wish A41 Rs. 4,289 NA
Itel IT5250 Rs. 1,099 NA
Itel S21 Rs. 5,150 NA
Itel A42 Plus Rs. 5,696 NA
Itel A41 Clax Rs. 7,000 NA
Itel it5040 Rs. 1,049 NA
Itel IT-5040 Rs. 1,049 NA
Itel IT5603 Rs. 890 NA
Itel Selfiepro S41 Rs. 6,849 NA

Why Choose Itel Mobiles?

Itel, a Hong Kong - based mobile company aims to deliver feature - loaded phones at an affordable price. We know, as a customer it might strike your mind why you should go for Itel phones when the domestic market is flooded with phones from renowned Indian and international brands. Here we give you some solid reasons as to why cell phones from Itel should be your first choice.

  • Affordability: Today the demand for less expensive devices is booming in the market. Keeping that in mind Itel has brought to you a range of reasonably priced phones like Itel it5600, Itel it5020, Itel it2130 and many more.
  • A Wide range of Options: Phones are a basic requirement for all. But the Smartphone’s are not always user- friendly for the aged persons. So, Itel has launched both the basic phones and Smartphone’s. Some of the Itel basic phones are Itel it5040, Itel IT5603 and many more. Itel WishA21 and Itel it1520 are some of its Smartphone models.

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