Bluedio Bluetooth Headsets Price List in India

When one looks at some of the new brands that made a mark amongst audiophiles, Bluedio invariably is often on the top of the list. This illustrious brand is known for its range of offerings that encompass the best traits of product quality and value for money. Interestingly the brand has a wide range of offerings for a user to choose from and there is something available for every budget range. Just browse through and you will obtain insights about Bluedio Bluetooth headsets Price List in India and then choose products that hold your fancy.

Best Bluedio Bluetooth Headsets Products (2020)

Bluedio Turbine2 Bluetooth Headset

Bluedio Turbine2 Bluetooth Headset

  1. » Bluedio engineers have spent two years in creating T2 ultra-big speaker, diameter up to 2.24 inches, trying to bring you the best music experience - rich and strong bass, crisp and clear highs
  2. » T2, T is the abbreviation for turbine which we think can best stand for your endless passion and energy
  3. » Latest Bluetooth V4.1 chip, which can transmit data at high speed and bring you smooth music experience customer care number 022-24925151 email id -
  4. » Ear cup and headband top are padded with sufficient foam and covered with soft leather, what you may not notice is that we adjust the headband, based on ergonomics theory, to fit all head sizes
  5. » T2 is not only a Bluetooth headset, but also a wired headset -with the included cable, you can still enjoy favorite music when the battery runs low
Rs 4,915 Rs 8,249
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Bluedio 99A Bluetooth Headset

Bluedio 99A Bluetooth Headset

  1. » 1.Take to speak, put down to charging. Bluedio 99A headset is equipped with charging base, put down your headset any time in the car to charge it, lift pressure of your ear.
  2. » 2.Enjoy the real stereo music. Plug the headset cord of 99A in, clearer call, enjoy clear, balanced and sweet true stereo music, watching movies on mobile phones, computers without any problem.
  3. » 3.Multipoint pairing?99A supports two mobile phones connected via Bluetooth at the same time, it lets you never miss any important calls, closely your life.
  4. » 4.Dual-mic noise reduction Such multi noisy environment, either at the roadside or karaoke room, can remove background noise effectively.(This product do not support active noise cancellation)
  5. » 5.Dual-circuit protection When voltage or output current are not under normal operation, charging base of 99A will start protection, automatically cut off the power supply to ensure your safety.
Rs 499
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Bluedio UFO On the Ear Bluetooth Headset

Bluedio UFO On the Ear Bluetooth Headset

  1. » On-the-ear Headset
Rs 14,999 Rs 24,000
( upto 38% Off )
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Bluedio TE Double-Cavity Sports Bluetooth Headset

Bluedio TE Double-Cavity Sports Bluetooth Headset

  1. » Double-cavity design- TE adopts in-ear design to build the independent double-cavity configuration. It can effectively reduce the cavity resonance to optimize the bass and make the alt bright and clear, to let you hear balanced sound.
  2. » TE utilizes latest Bluetooth 4.1 chip, which has a faster and easier connection and lower power consumption, to bring you a long-lasting music experience.
  3. » The ear hooks and tips conform to the shape of your ears so they stay comfortably in place all day long, even through tough workouts.
  4. » Lightweight, durable case- Sport-inspired case has been designed to match your earphones and protect and store them when not in use. The portable design allows TE to be with you wherever your workout takes you.
  5. » Small earphones that deliver crisp sound fit for your life The TE in-ear design centralizes the transmission distance to make the sound quality crisp and clear.
Rs 1,690
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Bluedio H Turbine Bluetooth stereo Headset

Bluedio H Turbine Bluetooth stereo Headset

  1. » Bluedio 57mm dynamic drivers let you feel the powerful bass in your tunes
  2. » Cool look inspired from turbine which we think can best represent your endless energy
  3. » Up to 40 hours of music time from the latest Bluetooth 4.1 low-power technology
  4. » Support FM broadcast / micro SD card playback of MP3 and WAV audio formats, note: micro SD card not provided
  5. » Authentic Import from USA - delivered within 12-15 working days
Rs 4,559
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Bluedio T3 Original 3D Bluetooth Headset

Bluedio T3 Original 3D Bluetooth Headset

  1. » Quality build that guarantees longevity
  2. » Built with an alloy frame, which allows these headphones to be super durable and strong
  3. » 57mm tetanizing diaphragm ensures quicker transient response to electrical signals and enhanced overall sound performance, delivers dynamic sound, powerful extra bass
  4. » You can hear every beat every word
  5. » 3D sound effects will give you a lively and stirring experience, especially for movies
Rs 10,134
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Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Pro Extra Bass Bluetooth DJ Headphones

Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Pro Extra Bass Bluetooth DJ Headphones

  1. » PPS12 technology, the combination of three drivers specially for trembles and another three drivers for mids and bass, makes sure that you will enjoy all range of frequency to the fullest extent.You can expect crisp, vivid highs from this headphone.
  2. » Cavity Design gives isolation from some ambient sounds, enhances the bass response and pushes the airflow of both front and back cavity to achieve resonance.The cavities, along with specially designed vents, which adjust the ventilation, contribute to a full-bodied, vibrant and bouncy bass reproduction.
  3. » To protect your ears, Bluedio U Plus adopts over-ear earmuffs and stereo clipping craft. It not only brings you natural and comfortable wearing, but also reduce leaking voice.
  4. » The ear cups is designed to be rotated backward for 180 degrees, mainly considering the special requirements of DJ.It also works when you want to stay aware about what`s happening around you.
  5. » Built with premium materials, Al-Ti alloy. It owns sturdy, lightweight alloyed frames, yokes and sliders.So, the headphone will keep you company for years
Rs 10,699 Rs 34,499
( upto 69% Off )
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Bluedio T2 Plus Bluetooth Headset

Bluedio T2 Plus Bluetooth Headset

  1. » On-the-ear Headset
Rs 6,129
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Bluedio Bluetooth Headsets Price List on January, 2020

Bluedio Bluetooth Headsets Models List Latest Price
Bluedio Turbine Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Sports Headset Rs. 3,689
Bluedio Turbine2 Bluetooth Headset Rs. 4,915
Bluedio VB15 In the Ear Bluetooth Headset Rs. 1,882
Bluedio 99A Bluetooth Headset Rs. 499
Bluedio UFO On the Ear Bluetooth Headset Rs. 14,999
Bluedio TE Double-Cavity Sports Bluetooth Headset Rs. 1,690
Bluedio H Turbine Bluetooth stereo Headset Rs. 4,559
Bluedio T3 Original 3D Bluetooth Headset Rs. 10,134
Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Pro Extra Bass Bluetooth DJ Headphones Rs. 10,699
Bluedio T2 Plus Bluetooth Headset Rs. 6,129

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A whole array of products available for budget consumers from this iconic brand. These include popular models like H Plus Turbine which comes with a comfortable fabric cover and decent sound quality. You would also find products like T2 Plus headsets in the same range below three thousand rupees which offers features like deep bass and a collapsible design. Going ahead in the price range you will come across stellar offerings like B2 Stereo which come loaded with a bunch of high-end features like detailed sound output, artificial protein leather cups, long standby time and a foldable design. If you are looking for a top of the line product, look no further than the UFO On the Ear Headset. It is great to wear and has an impressive battery life. Owing to the cutting edge PPS8 technology, the output sound is amongst the very best you can get. It also gives you the option to turn on the 3D sound option which can allow you to immerse yourself in music. Built from sturdy alloys, this headset is likely to last for years and offer you the chance to enjoy blissful music. If you are traveling on a road trip from, say Mumbai to Chennai and are looking for a comfortable headset, look no further than the UFO from Bluedio. It soft leatherette ensures comfort while you tune into music for hours. With the help of our site, you can discover Bluedio Bluetooth headsets Price in India and then go-ahead purchase even a top end product like U Plus DJ gear for the lowest possible price.

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