Belkin Chargers Price List in India

Need a top-notch charger for your mobile- Buy one from Belkin

While there are numerous brands that specialize in creating mobile accessories and functional parts, very few can hold a candle to Belkin when it comes to quality. The company has an incredible reputation for bringing forth top end products that complement Smartphone users and rarely ever fail to meet expectations. When it comes to mobile chargers, Belkin offers us a huge range of products from typical USB changers to lighting docks. At IndiaShopps you get the chance to check out an extensive range of chargers from this iconic company and also get a fair idea about Belkin Mobile Chargers Price List in India 

Best Belkin Chargers Products (2022)

Belkin (F8M747bt) Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin (F8M747bt) Wireless Charging Pad

  1. » 5 Watt Qi-certified wireless charger delivers a safer & more reliable wireless charging experience than standard wireless charging bases
  2. » Includes Micro-USB to USB-A cable. AC power adapter not included
  3. » With 5 Watts / 1 AMP output, this wireless charger delivers power to your smartphone fast without sacrificing charging speeds
  4. » Place your phone on the non-slip charging surface & enjoy fast wireless charging
  5. » A green LED light shows when your phone is correctly aligned on the base & charging
Rs 1,792 Rs 2,999
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Belkin Mixit 2.4A Wall Charger

Belkin Mixit 2.4A Wall Charger

  1. » Best Quality
  2. » Original Branded Product
Rs 12,265
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Belkin F7U027ZBWHT Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin F7U027ZBWHT Wireless Charging Pad

  1. » Wireless Charger
Rs 4,429 Rs 6,999
( upto 37% Off )
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Belkin F8J017tt Charger

Belkin F8J017tt Charger

  1. » Ultra-compact
  2. » Plugs into any wall power outlet
  3. » 1 Amp/5 Watts
Rs 2,840
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Belkin BZ103050-TVL 3-Outlet Mini Swivel Wall Charger

Belkin BZ103050-TVL 3-Outlet Mini Swivel Wall Charger

  1. » Compact and Convenient: Charge 3 AC powered devices or 2 USB A powered devices from 1 AC wall mounted surge protector.
  2. » Portable: Lightweight, cordless design makes this great for travel!
  3. » Faster Charging: The two USB ports deliver 1 AMP of shared power to each port for faster charging of USB-A powered devices.
Rs 3,969
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Belkin F8J001TT Single USB Wall Charger

Belkin F8J001TT Single USB Wall Charger

  1. » Wall Charger with 90-degree rotating prongs
  2. » Rapid-charge USB port
  3. » Charges fast
Rs 3,280
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Belkin F8M667VF04 Wall Charger (with Micro Usb Cable)

Belkin F8M667VF04 Wall Charger (with Micro Usb Cable)

  1. » Universal powered USB port
  2. » Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  3. » Output: 2.1A
  4. » Ultra compact design
  5. » Micro-USB cable with 4 feet cable
Rs 1,391
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Belkin Chargers Price List on July, 2022

Belkin Chargers Models List Latest Price
Belkin (F8M747bt) Wireless Charging Pad Rs. 1,792
Belkin Mixit 2.4A Wall Charger Rs. 12,265
Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad Rs. 3,199
Belkin F7U027ZBWHT Wireless Charging Pad Rs. 4,429
Belkin F8J017tt Charger Rs. 2,840
Belkin BZ103050-TVL 3-Outlet Mini Swivel Wall Charger Rs. 3,969
Belkin F8J001TT Single USB Wall Charger Rs. 3,280
Belkin F8M667VF04 Wall Charger (with Micro Usb Cable) Rs. 1,391

With Belkin, you are likely to be spoilt for options

The editors at IndiaShopps have tried hard to curate a refined collection of Belkin chargers for you to browse through. Not only would you come across different options in a given price range you are also likely to end up getting spoilt for choice owing to the variety of products we have listed. Just flip through our site to get a clear picture about Belkin Mobile Chargers Price in India and then create your own shortlist. 

While every brand has something for the budget consumer, in case of Belkin, it’s the specialized products that make it so popular. Take for the example the extremely popular Global universal travel charger kit. It comes with interchangeable tips to help you plug into different kind of sockets and thus keep your cell phone charged all the time. With this charger around, you can plugin into standardized sockets available in many foreign countries which differ from the ones we find in India.  In case you like to use Apple devices, it would make sense for you to choose the F8Z414TT model from this marquee brand. This device comes with a swivel plug and can help you charge near about every other iPhone and iPod model currently in vogue. The device is quite compact, sports a weight of just 140 grams and is available just below seven thousand rupees.

Compare Belkin Mobile Chargers before you go ahead and buy one

Often it is better to compare products before you buy one to avoid any chances of buyer’s remorse. With the help of Compare with Competitors feature, you can quickly stack up your preferred products against rivals and check out which scores better across different features.

If that was not all, you can even consider reading reviews from users who have purchased the same product you are looking to buy to get a clearer picture of its performance. Once you have narrowed down your selection, use our site to quickly figure out

Belkin Mobile Chargers Price Online and buy from the site that lists it at the lowest price. To help you make some more savings, we have also encompassed coupons and top deals from e-retailers that just might interest you.

3 Points that Makes Belkin Mobile Chargers Rock

  • Elegant design Aesthetics
  • Top Notch Quality
  • A Mind-Boggling range to choose from 


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