Turbo refill kit for Canon CL 98 colour ink cartridge

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Turbo refill kit for Canon CL 98 colour ink cartridge Details

Turbo Refill Kit is a cost effective product for refilling your used inkjet printer cartridges. It is very simple and easy to refill your cartridge using Turbo refill Kit. Refill Kit Contents: Fade resistant, dye based color ink. Cyan color ink - 30ml, Yellow color ink - 30ml, Magenta color ink -30 ml. Syringe & needle - 3 sets. TURBO Refill Kit was introduced in the year 2000 and is having thousands of satisfied regular customers across India. The trade mark registration no. is 1316796 dated 21-10-2004. Specialities: • Easy to refill • 90% cost savings • Trusted & Proven product since 2000 • Fade resistant, dye based ink. • Special grade ink for each model. Refilling procedure : A Canon color ink cartridge is a plastic shell with 3 cells having a piece of sponge in each cell. Three pieces of sponge is used to store different color (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) ink in it. Refilling means putting sufficient ink into the sponge so as to reuse the cartridge. Open the lip/top of the cartridge using a sharp equipment like knife/screw driver. You can see three differently colored pieces of sponge. Note the color of the ink on the sponge in each cell. Take ink in the syringe and inject as much ink as the sponge can absorb, according to the color of the sponge. Use separate syringe for each color . Fix the lid back using adhesive like fevi quick. Now your cartridge is ready to use. Special care should be given to the copper PCB & head/nozzle of the cartridge while refilling. Follow the detailed instruction printed on the box.
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