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When it comes to movies and music, every one of us can have a different taste. For some of us, action flicks make for a great watching while others love to dig into romance and adventure. Similarly in case of music choices can range from classical, pop to jazz and even blues. Irrespective what your tastes are, we at IndiaShopps, we have curated an extensive collection of both popular and rare movie music titles. Further using our site you can quickly obtain movie CD/DVD price list in India and choose to purchase the ones you like at the best rates.

We have tried to put in place great effort in securing hard to find music collections and have also looked to present an interesting mix of world music. When it comes to movies, at our site you would find a host of popular titles across different languages including Hindi and popular Bollywood hits. Yet you would also get to view a collection of world cinema which is otherwise difficult to discover.

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When you browse through our site you get a very good idea about movie CD/DVD price online, and also have a plethora of choice. We have categorized the offerings into two specific categories namely movies and music.

Movies – A wide expanse of Indian and World Cinema

Our editors have worked hard to discover some of the best titles across genres for your viewing pleasure. You can have the pleasure of choosing to obtain a classic collector item like a three pack movie series starring the late iconic actor Heath Ledger or go in for a Bollywood drama fest from the melodramatic 80’s and 90 ’s.  That apart we have collected video titles related to style, photography, fashion, health and array of other specialized interests. Some of the major brands we feature include Sony, Saina, Nupur, Universal, CD Baby amongst others.

Music – Soothe your sense by digging out your favourite album

We have a huge collection of music titles and it is quite possible that you would find something that you have looking for years. From seemingly rare renditions of the piano to classical tracks of Hindi movies, anything you can possibly think off is covered. Top brands like Sony Music, EMI Music etc. find a prominent place in our collections

Experience the finest movies and music by discovering rare titles at IndiaShopps

The kind of collection we have been able to list can warm the heart of any connoisseur of art. You will be surprised by the bewildering range of titles we have kept for you to view. The great part about using our site to find movie CD/DVD online price is the speed of results. Our powerful comparison engine immediately brings out the lowest price for your shortlisted products. In fact, if you are looking to buy a rare music title, on our site you would find the place where it is listed at the most discounted rate. Better still you can also utilize relevant offers listed our site by leading e-commerce players like Amazon and Snapdeal.