Gadget Heros Biometric Fingerprint Based Time & Attendance System Machine USB Plug & Play

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Gadget Hero's Biometric Fingerprint Based Time & Attendance System Machine USB Plug & Play Details

Description : Biometric time attendance system used to track each and every person coming to your place is actually who he claims to be or not with its time and other details. It uses fingerprint recognition system to verify person's identity and record its time-in and time-out with all required details. The Biometric Fingerprint technologies used to measure and analyze personal characteristics, both physiological and behavioral. These characteristics include fingerprints used to identify human characteristics and to verify identity. These biometrics or characteristics are tightly connected to an individual and cannot be forgotten,shared, stolen or easily hacked. These characteristics can uniquely identify a person, replacing or supplementing traditional security methods by providing two major improvements: personal biometrics cannot be easily stolen and an individual does not need to memorize passwords or codes. Authentication by biometric verification is becoming increasingly common in corporate and public security systems, consumer electronics and point of sale (POS) applications. In addition to security, the driving force behind biometric verification has been convenience. Biometric devices, such as finger scanners, consist of : A reader or scanning device Software that converts the scanned information into digital form and compares match points A database that stores the biometric data for comparison To prevent identity theft, biometric data is usually encrypted when it's gathered. Here's how biometric verification works on the back end: To convert the biometric input, a software application is used to identify specific points of data as match points. The match points in the database are processed using an algorithm that translates that information into a numeric value. The database value is compared with the biometric input the end user has entered into the scanner and authentication is either approved or denied. If the keyboard is not working the please follow the codes given below for factory reset ( i.e as good as the day it came out of the factory ) The same codes can also be used when the person entering the device password tends to forget the password. Without the MASTER password, the unit would not allow anyone access to the data stored, as it is a part of its security feature. Code : Press MENU ?999999999 ?OK ? 83265736 ? OK Kindly note once the code is used all stored data is lost.
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