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Lifestyle determines the passion and love of individual to their daily necessities. A traveler loves his suitcase, whereas a school kid loves to buy different types of stationery. Our lifestyle necessities depend on the type of things that we invest our daily time in. Like setting up different hobbies or learning to play different musical instruments.

Suitcases are one of the most important things that protect all your essentials when you travel. You definitely understand the importance of a good suitcase, if you are always traveling, be it for pleasure or business reasons. Users can browse through our collection and compare and get an affordable deal from Luggage and Suitcases Price List in India given on our website. We offer different designs and varieties of luggage bags on our website, which will allow you travel around the world in style. We offer all types of lifestyle products on our website, be it school bays, travel bags, suitcases or gift bags. We also have everything it would take to add a little pinch of creativity and passion in your life, with a collection different musical instrument and stationery items that will make you want to explore and spread your wings as an artist

Product Categories

You will be overwhelmed with the abundance of options available on our website, just name the lifestyle product that you need and we will provide everything from suitcases to school supplies to gift items on our website. Customers can also use our filters to refine their search or compare the products based on their popularity through their stars, which is given to them by their users. So, browse through our different categories and compare the products that you like.

Luggage and Suitcases

Just make your plans and don’t worry about your bags as we provide with all type of suitcases and bags, whether you are going to a business meeting, adventure trip or a vacation. Customers can shop for all types of luggage like Pouches, Duffels, Messenger bags, rucksacks and bag locks and other accessories from our website. We offer brands like Sarah, Liza, Wildcraft, Inlander, Safari, Skybags, Vip, Talesara and American Tourister etc for our customers to choose from, on our website.

Pens & Stationery

Kids are evolving at a fast pace, which is prompting the school to use more stationery items to channelize their energy and creativity in the right direction. Save your time and energy to meet the daily needs of your little child and shop for their necessary School Supplies Online like Lab Equipments, college supplies, art supplies and notebooks and diaries with a few clicks while relaxing in your home. You can also buy office equipments like a printer, fax, or scanner from brands like Hp, Generic and Zilla etc on our website.

We fulfill stationary necessities for all age groups and artist, so make IndiaShopps your one-stop destination, whether you want to buy new diaries, painting items or college project files.


Shop for classic theater masterpieces or sense comedies and have a fun time with your family this holiday season and buy movies online at an affordable price. Just type in the name of the movie in our search and our website will blast you with the results of all the latest releases and blockbusters available online.

School Supplies

Search for lunch boxes or school bags covered in different designs of your kid’s favorite cartoon, and superheroes. You can search and compare for school supplies offered by brands like Snoogg, Milton, Gtc, Disney, Barbie and Super Drool etc on our website. Don’t worry we have school bags for teenagers with a much poise and simple design range.

Gifts Items

Are you confused about what you should gift your friends, family or lover? Well this is the perfect place for you where you can find the perfect gift while comparing prices and saving some money. Now you will never receive a complaint from your loved ones for not receiving your gift, as you will be able to search for and get multiple gift ideas on our site.

Shop gifts for all occasions whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, festival or a marriage. We offer a comparison of everything from flowers, cards, clothing, chocolates, soft toys and dry fruits etc price list and be prepared all the time.


Water all your weird hobbies and collect anything from antique showpieces to different objects on our site.  Don’t let your passion fade away with time, let your hobbies ignite and get them at the best market price.

Musical Instruments

There are multiple benefits that come with learning to play different musical instruments. One, it is an amazing hobby, two you are always entertained as you can play the instrument anywhere anytime, three it helps you attract a lot of attention, and four it slightly increases your chances of becoming a rock star.

Start up a new hobby and learn to play a new instrument and maybe give a live performance to your family every night. Musical Instruments are also one of the most popular Gifts Items Online In India, so you can consider gifting it to your niece or son on their next birthday.

“Live Life King Size” with IndiaShopps

Life is all about trying out new adventures and making memories so hop on this ride and create a lifestyle which is envied by others. You just need to explore your passions, and we are here ready to direct you to the best offers, which will help you in grabbing the best quality products in the minimum price. Satisfy all your daily needs and compare everything from lifestyle products to gift items or Messenger Bags Price List in India on our online comparison store.

Explore new places and feel inspired to try out new things and learn new creative stuff like artworks or musical instruments. Let’s step towards building a creative India, and channelize our intellect towards enriching our lifestyle.

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