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Hug Day

Hug Day falls on the seventh day of Valentine’s Week i.e. 13th of Feb. It is one of the most special days because hug is a special expression of love, affection and care. Hug Day is a popular among youngsters and on this day people exchange friendly hugs with each other so as to make themselves feel good. A hug has a lot of benefits and that has been proved scientifically.

A hug is such a powerful physical activity that it boosts your emotional levels. Hug relieves you from stress. Hug is commonly used to greet each other or say bye to someone who is leaving for a different place far from yours. Hugs are meant to catalyse our happiness levels. A study shows that hugging releases the level of oxytocin in our body, a hormone which is the cause of happiness and love for us.

Who doesn’t like to get a warm hug from their dear ones, so on this hug day make your partner feel on the top of the world by cuddling them with a wholehearted hug. Hold your hands together and escape a hug and witness your relationship flourishing.

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