Plants Gardening Price List in India

Who does not like to have a beautiful backyard containing freshly grown vegetables, and a front lawn with fresh flowers in their house? But we not only lack sufficient space, but also the time and resources. As far as space and time are concerned, these are the things that we will not be able to help you with, but the resources needed are definitely something that we can provide.

Indiashopps is a place where you will be able to find plants and gardening price online for multiple seeds as well as tools used in gardening. So now you can go through the list of all our products and select the ones which you wish to use for creating a garden that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also serves a purpose of providing you with fresh fruits and vegetables along with fresh air to breath in. So avoid breathing in the polluted air, and eat fresh vegetables at least when you are at home.  

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Best Plants & Gardening Products (2019)

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Plants & Gardening Price List on March, 2019

Plants & Gardening Models List Updated Price List
4 Arms Water Sprinkler Rs. 249
Garden Pressure Spray Pump - Capacity 1 Ltr (Color May Vary) 1 L Hand Held Sprayer(Pack of 1) Rs. 249
Plantsguru Areca Palm Rs. 299
Bonsai Artificial Plant with Pot(25 cm, Red) Rs. 399
Bonsai Artificial Plant with Pot(30 cm, White) Rs. 315
Aralia In Round White Ceramic Pot Rs. 359
Nelesa Gardening Live Grapes Plant Sweet Grapes Vine Live Fruit Plant Rs. 399
Aquarium LIVE Plants - Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) Rs. 295
Amaze Aqua Cabomba Carolinia Aquarium Live Plants Rs. 180
Floral Treasure Lotus Flower Seeds - Pack of 10 Rs. 64

Choosing from different Categories of Plants and Gardening Products

There is a wide variety of tools, seeds, and other items that you need when planning to create a garden of your own. You can find all of these on our store in affordable prices, that too from multiple brands. You can check out the Plants and Gardening price list in India and look for products that help you make your own garden. 

Plants - If you wish to have greenery at your home but do not have the time to get into gardening yourself, you can choose from already existing plants that are available on our site. Select from a diverse variety of plants from brands like Rolling Nature, Seedlings India, Exotic Green, Plantsguru, and more.

Seeds - Grow fresh, green, and ripe vegetables at your home, and enjoy eating them whenever you want. This will allow you to consume organic vegetables and deal with several health problems without going to a doctor. A few brands you can find here for these seeds are Seedstore, Light my fire, Go Green, 

Garden Tools - You can expect to get success in your gardening techniques if you are not making use of the right garden tools. These are a great help in the process and are much needed for better results. This offers brands like Creative Farmer, Nurturing Green, Biocarve, Saaheli, and more.

Pots and Planter - You cannot grow plants if you do not have any pots or planter at your disposal. These are also available on our store and can be selected on the basis of your brand preference from Seedlings India, Futuba, DCS, and more.

Water Cans - Water the plants you grow in the best way using these water cans, to ensure that all parts of the plants are watered well, and not just one particular area. Here you will get the options to choose from Touch, Rolling Nature, Pepper Agro, Real Seed.

Make your house more Clean and Green with Plants Gardening at IndiaShopps

It is a scientifically proven fact that when we are in the lap of nature we become more calm, patient, and happier. If you are able to construct a functional garden around your house you will be able to remain happy and patient always. As the greenery around you will always help you cheer up. The Plants gardening online price on the store can help you select the best products for yourself. 

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