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Kitchen Stands Price in India

Latest Kitchen Stands Models List (2018) Updated Prices
Jony Swastik Stainless Steel Cutlery Set With Stand - 25 PiecesRs.599
Jony Swastik Stainless Steel Cutlery Set With Stand - 25 PiecesRs.599
Steel napkin dispenserRs.423
Black coated fruit basketRs.496
Silver chrome finished napkin holderRs.272
Twist And Turn Rack -cum-Utility Framed HolderRs.837
Set of 6 Kjaggs Floral Print Melamine PlatesRs.292
Black coated fruit basketRs.528
Set of 6 Kjaggs Half Plate Floral Print -MelamineRs.247
Pink Cutlery Set of 24 pcs Spoons ,Forks and KnivesRs.560

About Useful Kitchen Stands Online

There are several heavyweight items in our kitchen which are hard to carry with bare hands. If we get a stand for these, then it will not only be easy to carry them, but also transport them from one corner to another. One such item is an LPG cylinder, there are many others like heavy and loaded drums and other big containers. At our store, you will be able to find not just a stand for all these heavy items, but also for the very light ones like tissue paper, and toothpick holder. So here you can find products of all sizes and types that can fulfill all your needs. 

At Indiashopps you can check out the Kitchen Stands price online for not just stands of large sizes but also of small ones. Here you can also find multiple other products like spoon and fork stands that can be placed on the table along with dinner sets, which are also available on our store. Make sure that you have a dining table that looks prim and proper with the right set of crockery available on our site. And pair it with the right stands for your kitchen, so that next time you move any heavy item, it does not give you a back sprain.

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