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One such product that we need to keep in our kitchen so that it can be used for people of all age groups in the family is a lunch box. It is not something that just a school or college student needs to take along, but also office going members. So make sure you have different types and sizes of lunch boxes in your house so that no one goes hungry. To get your hands on latest Lunch Boxes price online, visit our store and check out the available options.

At Indiashopps you will not only find boxes but also another key items that are needed to keep food warm, we are talking about none other than a foil paper, that no lunch is ever complete without. And to make sure that you are pouring in just the right quantity of food, we also provide you with measuring spoons so that you can measure the quantity of all ingredients and cook just the necessary amount of food to avoid wastage. On our store, you will be able to find several multi-utility products that can change the way you operate. And make things a lot easier for you.  

Best Consumables & Disposables Products (2018)

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Consumables & Disposables Price List on October, 2018

Consumables & Disposables Models List Updated Price List
Hindalco-Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil Rs. 357
Funcart Winnie The Pooh Disposable Plastic Table Spoon Set Rs. 175
Craftatoz Disposable Wooden Wooden Spoon Set Rs. 399
MagnusDeal 222 Automatic Vacuum Bag Sealer Rs. 499
Italish Measuring Cup Disposable Plastic Serving Spoon Set(Pack of 8) Rs. 119
Lavelle Kitchen 3 Sets Medium Food Cover Manual, Automatic Vacuum Bag Sealer Rs. 325
BuyersChowk Disposable Plastic Table Spoon Set(Pack of 100) Rs. 250
BuyersChowk Plastic Disposable Bowl(White, Pack of 30) Rs. 500
BuyersChowk 80 ml Lace Round Plastic Disposable Bowl(Clear, Pack of 25) Rs. 225
Mart And food clip12 Manual Vacuum Bag Sealer Rs. 179

Lunch Boxes  - Brands and Price list in India

For all the choosy and brand conscious buyers on our site, we have more than just Lunch Boxes price list. Here you can also check out the brands of all the products that we have listed on our site. Choose from brands like Besure Natural, Bruzone, Food Care, Homefoil, Pin to Pen, Dekor World, Lavelle Kitchen, and lots more. These are the brands you can choose products like boxes, foil papers, food clips, measuring, disposable crockery and more.

All the products that are available on our site have been tested for their quality and are listed after assurance of durability. So you can be sure that you are spending money in the right place. Choose from a wide range of products including those made of different material, differing price range, brands, and more. We provide you with detailed descriptions of all the listed products so that you do not have to explore much for getting all the key details of the product.  

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To make comparing products easier for you, we provide you with not just the key aspects, but also some additional aspects like the user ratings of the given products.  So now you will have to check not just the Lunch Boxes online price but also the user ratings that have been associated with it. These have been provided to ensure that you end up buying the product that is best for you in all terms.

While checking out the key features of the product make sure you are also going through the user ratings. You can get the products on multiple shopping sites listed on our site, so now compare all you need from our store, here you will also get special discounts on all our products.


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