Lighting and Lamps Price List in India

No one likes to live in rooms that are dark at all times of the day. Sometimes people live in places where they get very little light in their homes, whereas there are some who have a house that is naturally lighted for the most part of the day. So, if you are one of those who does not have a house that is well lighted naturally, we have an easy to implement and reliable solution for you. With the lighting lamps price online listed on our store, you will be able to go through the prices of a wide range of lights to be placed at different corners in your home.

Having an ill-lit room is not only unpleasant but also unhealthy. If we continuously spend a large amount of time in a dark room, our eyes get used to the darkness, and then adapting to light becomes a little difficult. You might have experienced that if someone opens the light in the middle of the night when you are sleeping, then opening the eyes is painful. So imagine what would happen if you continue living in a dark room, and then suddenly stepping out of the house in broad daylight? 

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Best Lighting & Lamps Products (2019)

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Lighting & Lamps Price List on May, 2019

Lighting & Lamps Models List Updated Price List
BonZeal Daren Waves Ocean Projector + Speaker Night Lamp(12.2 cm, White, Blue) Rs. 1,599
VRCT Baccha 78 Emergency Light(Black) Rs. 259
Oreva Flood Light Outdoor Lamp Rs. 3,490
Home Delight 6 inch Red, Green, Blue, Multicolor Rice Lights(Pack of 1) Rs. 249
Uplight Wall Lamp Rs. 350
Anything & Everything Environment Friendly Energy Efficient Sensor Operated On Off Color Changeable Led Avtar Mushroom Night Lamp(11 cm, White) Rs. 125
Slimline 18-Watt LED Batten (Warm White and Yellow) Rs. 489
5W LED Tube Light Cool Day Light Rs. 180
Noble Flat Profile (Set Of 5Pc), Aluminium Profile For Led Rs. 559
Philips AstraPrime 10-Watt Recessed LED Panel Ceiling Light (Natural Light, Round) Rs. 621

Lighting Lamps Brands and Price list in India

To look for the best kind of lighting lamps to go with your home interiors, you should check out the product options on IndiaShopps. This is where you will find ample amount of products presented not just with the lighting lamps price list but also with their key details like brand, size, and material specifications, etc. The brand options listed on our site include Crompton, Philips, Syska, Tuscan, Wipro, Galaxy, Lime Light, Eveready, Gojeeva, Homely, Iplay, Fission, and more.

Here you can find not just the basic LED lights like bulbs and CFLs, but also something more fancy and exciting like emergency lights with a motion sensor, rechargeable emergency light, wall lamps, table lamps, torches and more. We provide you with a full proof solution for dealing with any kind of dark corners in your home, or even around it.

Compare Lighting Lamps with IndiaShopps

Lighting lamps might not be one of those products that are hard to find. You can find them easily online as well as offline. But on our site, you can get lighting and lamps online price along with the user ratings for these products. These ratings have been given by those users who have used these products and are well aware of what they offer in terms of performance as well as quality. So when you buy from our site, you can be sure of the quality of all products.

We have listed the price of the products along with special discounts that are available on them. We present you with options present on multiple online shopping sites so that you can perform your comparison for the prices on all these sites by just visiting one site which is none other than our store. So hurry up and buy all the lights that you need to light up your house in this festive season.

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