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One of the things we often ignore placing in our home is a wall clock. Considering these to be outdated a lot of people believe that they are not necessary. However, that is truly not the case. There are several modern and artistic clocks available in the market that you can hang on the walls in your home. These will not just be useful in keeping a track of the time, but will also help add on to the beauty of the walls in your home. At our store, we provide you with clocks price online along with their key features like design, material, size as well as a brand.

In the absence of a clock, you will have to look for your watch or mobile to know what is the time. Having a wall clock around makes it easier for you to always know the current time, and then schedule your tasks accordingly. You might have noticed that offices are usually places with several clocks on multiple walls, this is done to ensure that all the workers are aware of the time and work available to them. So if you want to make sure that your time is managed well at home as well, make sure you have a wall clock over there.

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Best Clocks Products (2019)

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Clocks Price List on March, 2019

Clocks Models List Updated Price List
Quartz Round Plastic Wall Clock (20.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 20.5 cm, Blue) Rs. 170
Analog Wall Clock(Silver With Glass)1547 Rs. 209
Digital Wall Clock(Shiny Silver, With Glass) Rs. 535
Digital Rectangle 33 cm X 18 cm Wall Clock for Home and Office - 40 Rs. 773
Ajanta Analog Wall Clock(Black, With Glass) Rs. 624
Sonic Plastic Wall Clock (27 cm x 5 cm x 27 cm, Black, CD-WC-1006) Rs. 319
Cpixen 7 Colour Changing LED Digital Alarm Clock with Date, Time, Temperature For Office Bedroom Rs. 309
Syga Sun Design Wall Clock Sticker (Vinyl, 30 cm x 19.99 cm x 5 cm) Rs. 349
Safal Analog 28 cm Dia Wall Clock(Black, With Glass) Rs. 2,000
Oreva Ossor145Sl (Oreva) Quartz Plastic Round Shape 30 Cm X 30 Cm Fancy Premium Home Decor Wall Clock (Silver) Rs. 395

Clocks - Brands and Price list in India

Apart from checking out just the online price of the clock, the user gives a lot of emphasis to the brand. So just providing a wall clock price list online is usually not enough. That is why we also provide multiple brand options on our site, a few of the popular brands for you to choose from involving Orpat, Ajanta, Blacksmith, Cello, Divinecrafts, Ae, Ecraftindia, Mesleep etc.

You can check the list of products provided on our site, which are compiled from multiple online shopping sites like Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart. So you have a great chance to compare options simply with Indiashopps and waste no time on visiting all these sites separately. We have listed products of best quality on our site, so you also do not have to worry about the reliability of the products.

Compare Clocks with IndiaShopps

Indian customers are very choosy when it comes to buying anything, so providing them with simply the clocks online price is not sufficient. Which is why we are also providing you with user ratings of all the products that we have listed on our site? This works as an assurance for the product you are planning to purchase to make the consumer even more sure of the product they are buying.

You can choose from wall clocks of different sizes as well materials listed on our site, so you have the option of choosing from basic plastic or metal clocks or a few stylish wooden clocks. These can also be the ones with a pendulum to further enhance the beauty of your wall. Unlike offline retail stores, we also provide you with multiple discounts on all the products that we have listed on our site. 

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