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We all like to hear compliments about our home. This is why we also tend to analyze other’s home. Remember the water fountain that everyone from your maid to your friend keeps talking about, which you have been searching to keep at your own house. Well, now you can buy that showpiece and more beautiful home décor items in India and a million other goodies from our online store.

Turn your home into a paradise and buy some of the most beautiful and exquisite Home Décor Products from IndiaShopps

Home is a reflection of our soul and personality, so it is essential that we adorn our home with décor that matches our aesthetics and style. Here, at our online store, we have comprised some of biggest Home Décor brands in the country, to help our customers in deciding what products best describe their taste and home. Embrace your roots, or opt for a more edgy and trendy home décor, we are here to deliver anything at your doorstep.

Using our website customers can compare everything from prices to the quality of different brands. Customers can also use our site to compare product specifications and features of different products. Customers can invest in the best deal by searching for affordable home decor items in India. We have structured our collection into different categories to allow our customers to easily search for their desired item.  

We promise to make feel overwhelmed by our products available on our website. Let’s make your home a bit more cozy and comfy, that your house will always be filled with visitors. Online furniture shopping is a favorable choice to make, as it allows you to search and compare through dozens of option within your budget. 

Product Variety

We believe in spoiling our customers with choice, so we have ensured to create an abundance of options to choose from structured home décor categories.

  • Décor -  Embrace your religious roots and choose beautiful idols of Indian Gods and Goddesses by Bharat Haat. Or go choose antique old school glorious clock designs from Blacksmith. We have an exquisite collection of paintings, lamps, candles, flower vases, utilizes and Handicrafts that will give your house a personalized unique touch.

  • Furniture - You can compare prices and furniture together on our online website without any hassle. You will no longer have to worry about the two matching, as you can compare and match them together online. Orka, Fun On, Deneb, @home, Hometown, Arra etc are just some of the furniture brands available on our website. We offer everything from the center table to seating chairs to sofa sets and king-sized beds.

  • Kitchen Dining Price List In India - We often forget to glamorize our Kitchen, when it’s the first place our cousins enter when they visit us. Well we have made sure to remind our customers that dinning in style can really help them leave an impression. So, explore our wide color range of dining, tea and container sets, all at very reasonable price range and give your kitchen a stylish makeover. You can find brands like Tupperware, Generic, Stash Tea, Chevyo, Nutcase, Mosaic etc in this section. Buy from kitchen appliances from a wide range of affordable items, with detailed descriptions that will help you understand whether the product would fulfill your needs or not.

  • Home Linen - Decorate your beds with soft and colorful shades of linen that exudes joy and light. Have a relaxing good night sleep in our soft fabrics. Customers can explore brands like Bombay Dyeing, Mesleep, Deco India, Trident, Fairprice, Airwill etc.

  • Plants & Gardening - Enlighten your lost love for gardening, and plants seed of some of most beautiful plants in the world. We offer everything from Pots to Garden Tools so you don’t have to worry about your shopping.

  • Home Utility - Are you tired of your kids throwing your clothes everywhere or you don’t have enough space to keep your new clothes. Well then shop in our home utility category and purchase our beautifully designed Laundry bags and clothes that can help you manage your stuff without messing with your home décor.

  • Household - Cleaning is an essential routine to maintain a beautiful household, so it’s essential that you invest in proper floor cleaners, mops etc. Customers can also shop for chimneys, gas stoves and dustbins in this category.

  • Tableware & Cutlery - Manage your cutlery and invest in a cute little cutlery stand or decorate your dining table with wooden pieces designed by Posterguy, Huppme, and Aakrti.  

  • Hardware - It takes a lot of things to properly manage and maintain a home. Some of which include tiles, wallpapers, fitting tools, bathroom accessories, hardware tools, electrical and accessories, which ensure to keep everything intact. These hardware products are available in brands like Indexable, Dremel, Yale, Lussoliv, Havells, Taparia, all at our online store, spread all across India.

Brand Varieties

  • Top Brands in the Country - Shop for products designed and manufactured by some of the biggest home items in India, and flaunt them to whosoever pays them a compliment.

  • Get Best Price in the Market - Unlike visiting a store of a particular brand at Indiashopps you have hundreds of options to choose from. Our website has a collection of different products, to meet your different household requirements, provided by different brands. Customers can use it to their advantage and compare prices and run filtered searches before investing in any product.

  • Quality Guarantee - We also want what’s best for our customers and have listed only the best brands in the country to ensure that we get a good feedback from our customers. Our online store preaches quality over quantity and runs down quality test on each brand which is enlisted on our website to ensure that our customers are getting the best of both worlds.

  • Coupon Codes and Sale Dhamakas - Customers can use home furnishing coupon codes and sale offers exclusively on our website, without any trouble. So, now save more than your budget while shopping at our ‘Home Décor Mela’. Decorate every room in your home, be it your bathroom, Kitchen or dining room and gain compliments from everyone.

Let’s Give your Home a Makeover Together

Buy anything from stylish clocks to antique showpieces, and express your love and passion for history and culture. Or you can shop for your two-year-old daughter’s room and decorate it with pink furniture and glittery bed sheets. We have a wide range collection to satisfy the need of our different customers. So the next time, you plan on decorating your house, let the person living in the room decide what he likes and shop with us for a smooth relaxing shopping experience.

Online furniture shopping has another advantage. The customer service is usually more efficient than what you got from a street retailer or a mall. Even the grievance resolving process is simple. It is also possible to search for a specific type of furniture since online shops have search tabs and filters. Online furniture stores also have description for all the items that help you know more about available products and services.
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