Lappymaster Power Banks Price List in India

Why You Must Buy a Lappymaster Power Bank?

Men nowadays lead a hectic life, but thanks to technological advancement, life is now easier than what it used to be even two decades back. If you take a survey, you will find that almost everyone above the age of 18 yrs carries a cell phone, though this is not mandatory, it will not be an exaggeration if we say it is a requirement. From a regular corporate official in Bangalore to a college person in Delhi- we all have grown dependant on this device because it has simplified many of our communication issues. We can now reach anyone at any corner of this world within the blink of an eye. However, what if this device suddenly becomes defunct and that too in the hours of emergency?

We all are cautious individuals but we definitely miss out charging our handsets at times (thanks to our packed work schedules) and eventually with continuous usage, the charge is exhausted. So what is the remedy to this if we are traveling?  It is in such cases that a power bank comes to our help. Therefore, you must invest in a good power bank and Lappymaster is one such brand that is a must-try.

Best Lappymaster Power Banks Products (2022)

Lappymaster PB-060 13000 mAh Power Bank

Lappymaster PB-060 13000 mAh Power Bank

  1. » Capacity: 13000mAH lithium-ion
  2. » Comes with LED indicator,Includes: Power Bank
  3. » 6 Month warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase.
  4. » Portable charger with Triple output
  5. » Lightweight, you can carry it wherever you want
Rs 754
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Lappymaster LMPB04 10400mAh Power Bank

Lappymaster LMPB04 10400mAh Power Bank

  1. » 1 year warranty on product
  2. » Toll free number: 18001039635
  3. » Top Quality Cell, 10400mAh power bank
Rs 649
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Lappymaster 7800mAh Power Bank

Lappymaster 7800mAh Power Bank

  1. » DUAL USB : Dual USB ports to charge multiple smartphones, tablets, at the same time
  2. » Top Quality Cell, Ultra Bright LED Torch
  3. » Top Quality Cell, 7800mAh power bank
Rs 699
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Lappymaster PB-004 10400mAh Power Bank

Lappymaster PB-004 10400mAh Power Bank

  1. » 10400mAh Lapymaster Power Bank with UV Finishing .
  2. » 1 year warranty on product
  3. » Toll free number: 18001039635
  4. » HIGH CAPACTIY: 10400 mAh for charging your smart devices multiple times
Rs 799
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Lappymaster Power Banks Price List on January, 2022

Lappymaster Power Banks Models List Latest Price
Lappymaster PB-066 13000mAh Power Bank Rs. 849
Lappymaster PB-060 13000 mAh Power Bank Rs. 754
Lappymaster LMPB04 10400mAh Power Bank Rs. 649
Lappymaster 7800mAh Power Bank Rs. 699
Lappymaster PB-004 10400mAh Power Bank Rs. 799

Lappymaster Power bank: Pros

At IndiaShopps we have carefully listed all the power banks from Lappymaster along with their specification and price list. A power bank is a pre-charged charging device, which you can use to charge your mobile and laptop.  Lappymaster power banks are quite popular in India. Let us tell you why.

Affordability: We all seek the maximum return from minimum investment. While purchasing something we take the price tag to be an important deciding factor because we all have a pre-decided budget. If you check the Lappymaster Power bank price list online, you will find that they bear a rational price tag. Starting from just Rs 599, the range goes up to Rs 1,344. There are plenty of choices with a variety of features so that you can have the liberty to decide as per your needs.

Dual-port charging: Some of the Lappymaster power banks are enabled with dual charging ports. So that in case you are carrying two mobile, you can charge them simultaneously. Once you are back to your place, you can recharge your power bank for the next usage. Lappymaster PB-024 7800mAh, Lappymaster PB- 061 10400mAh are to name a few that fall under this category. You can also compare other Lappymaster power banks on and know more about their features. This will let you decide accordingly.

LED indicator: To know whether your Lappymaster power bank is completely charged or not, the device comes with an inbuilt LED indicator, that blinks while charging and stops blinking when done. Lappymaster PB- 044 15600mAh power bank has this facility.

Be wise. Save Money. Buy the Authentic Product

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