Gaming Components Price List in India

If you are someone who plays video games on a PC, then you might need components that will make your system easy and smooth in its performance. Gaming requires high performance and can create a burden on your processor. Due to this, your system gets heated up and may even shut down. In that case, you need components like a fan, cooler and power supply unit that will help your PC with heat issues and lets you enjoy a smooth gaming performance throughout the day. For gamers, graphics play a major role, and all the graphics cards operate optimally within an ideal temperature range. If by any chance temperature exceeds than the estimated temperature, then it can make your performance suffer a lot and damages the working of your GPU. For that, you need fans and coolers that will keep your GPU temperature normal and will give you a proper optimal gaming performance. It would also make sense to give a thought about the PSU unit. You need an estimated power wattage in PSU to make your system run smoothly without any shutdown. If you spend long hours in gaming you might need an efficient PSU which can boost your system and as a result, you can get a performance that is smooth for long duration hours. We have listed an array of components on our site to help you enjoy gaming without getting affected by performance issues.

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Gaming Components Price List on May, 2019

Components Models List Updated Price List
Circle LED Fan C 12 Blue Cooler Rs. 469
Zebronics ZEB 450 450 Watts PSU(sliver) Rs. 557
Circle LED Fan C 12 Red Cooler Rs. 469
Intel Genuine CPU FAN for Corei3/15/17 CPUs Cooler Rs. 314
Delta Electronics PFB0812DHE DC Brushless Fan Cooler(Black) Rs. 1,156
Rega IT HP PAVILION DV6-6119WM DV6-6120EC CPU Cooling Fan Cooler Rs. 247
Rega IT HP PAVILION G6-2304AU G6-2304AX CPU Cooling Fan Cooler Rs. 300
Cooler Master B600 V2 600 Watts PSU Rs. 6,900
Iball CPS88 144 Watts PSU(Black) Rs. 1,500
Rega IT COMPAQ PRESARIO C785EM C785TU CPU Cooling Fan Cooler Rs. 247

Build your Own PC with Components You Yearn For

The main reason gamers want to build their own PC is that they get the freedom to choose what components they want for their gaming. For that, you can visit our website and also get to know about affordable Gaming Components Price in India. We have all kinds of components to make your PC best in its performance. So, now if you are looking for a component that will remove heat load from your PC, then you should buy Circle LED Fan C 12 Green Cooler. It has an air flow of 90 CFM which keeps your system at an adequate temperature. Because of its LED lights, this fan becomes noteworthy. These LED light shines brightly and gives a really unique look to your PC.  On other hand, if you want to improve gaming speed in your PC, then FSP AURUM GOLD AU 700 is a preferable option. This PSU has a regulated outward airflow which improves the hot air and speeds up your system. Its 80 Gold plus certification supplies power that is efficient in its performance. This PSU is perfect for all the hardcore gamers. Moreover, its arrow-shaped ventilation supplies cool air to your system. So, hurry up and grab this product to get a gaming performance that is just wonderful.

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