Omnix Smart Bands Price List in India

Fitness trackers can monitor users daily step count, sleep, heart rate and activity levels. Picking the right fitness tracker depends on various factor like whether you need fitness tracker for casual step counting or is it used for a detailed workout. Tracking fitness is important because it introduces you to the healthy lifestyle and supports you to constantly follow it. The fitness tracking devices are still improving, offering functions including sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring and different exercises. There are some questions which have been raised against their accuracy, but many offer a path towards more active lifestyle. OMNiX offers a range of smart wristbands which you can check out at and even know about OMNiX Smart Bands Price List in India.

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Best Omnix Smart Bands Products (2019)

OMNiX 101HR Fitness Tracker

OMNiX 101HR Fitness Tracker

Rs 2,999
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OMNiX ID115 Plus HR Smart Fitness Tracker

OMNiX ID115 Plus HR Smart Fitness Tracker

Rs 1,999
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OMNiX ID107 Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

OMNiX ID107 Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Rs 2,445
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OMNiX P1 Plus Fitness Band

OMNiX P1 Plus Fitness Band

Rs 2,499
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Omnix Smart Bands Price List on June, 2019

Omnix Smart Bands Models List Updated Price List
OMNiX 101HR Fitness Tracker Rs. 2,999
OMNiX 115 Plus HR Fitness Tracker Rs. 2,216
OMNiX ID115 Plus HR Smart Fitness Tracker Rs. 1,999
OMNiX ID107Plus HR Heart Rate Monitor Rs. 2,445
OMNiX ID107 Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Rs. 2,445
OMNiX ID130 Plus Fitness Tracker Rs. 2,799
OMNiX P1 Plus Fitness Band Rs. 2,499

Explore a range of popular OMNiX Products at IndiaShopps

Using our site, you can know all about OMNiX Fitness Tracker Online and check out a whole bunch of interesting products that are also incredibly popular. Some of these products come with double optical sensors which analyses the heart beat better. It has also adopted PPG technology to record your heart rate and analyze your health status.  It also showcases products that track sleep variations likes deep sleep, light sleep and awake time etc.

Give a Look to the Popular OMNiX P4 FITNESS TRACKER

It hasn’t been too when activity trackers were seen as chunky and unattractive devices which aimed at fitness freaks. Thankfully, those days are in the past and our tech community has acknowledged the importance of designing wearable technology which is both functional and presentable. OMNiXP4 is one of those presentable devices it is a smart wristband with the touchscreen which has an HD quality displaying clear numbers on the screen giving an elegant look, it is available in very sober color which is presentable in daily work and can also be used as an accessory with your attire. it is also dust and waterproof which gives you the opportunity to work out freely. OMNiX P4 smart wristband has the ability to track and monitor your fitness, its function like BP level detection, heart rate monitor steps counter, calorie counter, pedometer and sleep monitor helps you to achieve a balanced life keeping all the daily activities in check motivating you towards your goal quickly and smartly. It not only keeps the fitness in check but also has the ability to sync well with your smartphone and presenting notification in a really orderly manner. It gives accurate information about your heart rate and helps you to know your body better. Use our site to Compare OMNiX Smart Band Prices across different sites and then buy the P4 at the lowest possible prices.


OMNiX P4 stands out from the other fitness tracker because it introduces a new feature which focuses on women health it adds women’s mensuration function which shows them three different status like the menstrual period, ovulation period and safety date places. This feature allows women to keep their menstrual cycle in check and workout accordingly, along with this the display of the product merges well together creating a perfect fitness tracker for women and keep their complete health in check.

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