Desktop Components Price List in India

Although we have come to the point where the usage and popularity of Laptops and tablets today is more than desktops and its components, there are still places where desktops are preferred. These places are schools, offices, hospitals, and several other organizations. Having data in a desktop computer often proves to be safe because you do not roam around with a desktop computer, unlike a laptop or a tablet. Replacing a faulty desktop component is not only cheaper but also easier. On our store, you can get access to Desktop and components price online and select from a wide range of available components.

We provide you with all leading components like hard drives, motherboards, processors, RAM, sound cards, tv tuners, and lots more with all the leading brands that are available. The products that we have on our store are not only trusted for quality but have been listed from the sites you would anyway choose to shop from. So instead of visiting different sites for comparing your preferred desktop components, you can just visit our store and choose whatever product you find best.

Best Desktop & Components Products (2018)

Enter E 260U Tv Tuner Card Image
Enter E 260U Tv Tuner Card
Embedded 10-bit video decoder to achieve stable picture and vivid colour. / Receive full- channel TV programs and favourite channel group and rename function.
Rs 1,250
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Intex Sky Pro IT-195 FM TV Tuner Image
Intex Sky Pro IT-195 FM TV Tuner
Preview all progrms in 4,9 or16 pictures / PIP function,display the picture of TV program on the status of PC
Rs 1,499
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iball PPS-282 450W SMPS Power Supply Image
iball PPS-282 450W SMPS Power Supply
Maximum output 250 watts / Complies with ATX12V V2.2
Rs 618
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Intex IT 163S CRT TV Tuner Image
Intex IT 163S CRT TV Tuner
Rs 1,699
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Zebronics Economy Series ZEB-450W (DSATA).. Image
Zebronics Economy Series ZEB-450W (DSATA)..
Customers Are Requested To Consult With Your Service Engineer Before you Purchase / Model :zeb450 Output Watts :450W Output
Rs 511
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Frontech Jil-0622 Lcd Tv Tuner Image
Frontech Jil-0622 Lcd Tv Tuner
Best image Quality with 24 bit color,Multi Channel preview up to 16 Channels,Upto / 1920x1200 High defination resolution,Support 4:3,16:9 and 16:10 PS aspect ratio,
Rs 1,399
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Tech-Com SSD-222 LCD TV Tuner Image
Tech-Com SSD-222 LCD TV Tuner
Rs 1,755
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Zebronics TL1010 TV Tuner Image
Zebronics TL1010 TV Tuner
PIP - Multi display function (on PC mode). / Plug & Play,no driver software or external hardware required
Rs 1,449
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iball Claro CTV27 TV Tuner Image
iball Claro CTV27 TV Tuner
High-resolution output delivers clear and stable picture without flicker / Child lock function to restrict children from watching certain channels
Rs 1,469
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Corsair VS550 550 Watt PSU Image
Corsair VS550 550 Watt PSU
Rs 3,790 Rs 4,295
( upto 11% Off )
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L293D Motor Driver / Stepper / Servo Shield for Arduino Image
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Intel BX80646G3240 Pentium Dual Core LGA1150 4th Generation Processor Image
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Desktop & Components Price List on September, 2018

Desktop & Components Models List Updated Price List
Enter E 260U Tv Tuner Card Rs. 1,250
Intex Sky Pro IT-195 FM TV Tuner Rs. 1,499
iball PPS-282 450W SMPS Power Supply Rs. 618
Intex IT 163S CRT TV Tuner Rs. 1,699
Zebronics Economy Series ZEB-450W (DSATA).. Rs. 511
Frontech Jil-0622 Lcd Tv Tuner Rs. 1,399
Tech-Com SSD-222 LCD TV Tuner Rs. 1,755
Zebronics TL1010 TV Tuner Rs. 1,449
iball Claro CTV27 TV Tuner Rs. 1,469
Corsair VS550 550 Watt PSU Rs. 3,790

List of Desktop and Components with available Brands

At Indiashopps you can get access to Desktop and components price list in India and check out prices for all the commonly used desktop components along with their brands and key features. Choose from the list of following components on our store:

  • Desktops - This includes a range of complete desktop sets that you can simply place wherever you want a computer to be placed. This includes all the key components and is available in brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, and more.
  • Graphic Cards - To enhance the gaming experience in your system, you should try using a graphic card. Choose one from leading brands like Nvidia, Geforce, Asus, Zotac, Msi, etc.
  • Motherboards - One of the crucial desktop component without which operating a computer cannot be possible is the motherboard. We provide you with brand options including Asus, ASrock, Gigabyte, Intel, and more.
  • Internal Hard drives - Well what good is a computer if you do not have enough space in it. Choose from wide range of internal hard drives available on our store from brands like Samsung, Transcend, Seagate, HP, Kingston etc.
  • Processors - Decide the speed of your computer on the basis of your needs, select from processors of varying performance capacity. Choose from top brands like Intel and AMD.
  • Power Supply Units - Decide the power consumption of your system by deciding the amount of power it consumes, select the power supply unit of your choice from brands like Corsair, Circle, Cooler Master, Antec, etc.
  • RAM - No one likes to work on a slow machine, improve the speed of your system by selecting the RAM of your choice from brands like Kingston, Simmtronics, Transcend, Corsair, and more.

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We know how much you love special offers and discounts that is why we allow you to apply coupon codes on products and see if you are lucky enough to get a big discount. On our store, you cannot only check for Desktops and components online price but also check out the best products we have for you through the option of the user ratings on our page. This can thus be the place for you to shop for all your needs for not just cheap products, but also for quality goods.


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