Computer Accessories And Peripherals Price List

When we purchase a computer, we not only need the key components to go along with it but also a few miscellanea to be used in addition to them. These accessories not only make the computer even more usable but also add on to the life of all its key components. The Accessories and peripherals price online that we provide on our store not only includes devices that are used externally but also those devices that you might need to use internally by replacing the already existing one. So next time if any of the computer parts are not working you can check out the accessories and peripherals on our store to look for a replacement of those parts.

If any of your computer parts is not behaving in a way you want it to behave, you will not go on buying a different computer, but replacing the problematic parts. At Indiashopps we provide you with a range of computer accessories and peripherals including Keyboards, Monitors, webcams, headphones, laptop batteries, laser pointers, chargers, adapters, mouse pads and so on.

Best Accessories And Peripherals Products (2018)

Shrih Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Combo Set Image
Shrih Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Combo Set
Rs 999 Rs 1,999
( upto 50% Off )
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Tecnia Blaster 555 Pulse 5.1 Channel Multimed.. Image
Tecnia Blaster 555 Pulse 5.1 Channel Multimed..
5.1 Channel
Rs 3,499
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Blaupunkt SBW-01 Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker Image
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iball DJ X7 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker Image
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Zebronics ZEB-BT6860RUCF 5.1 Channel Multimed.. Image
Zebronics ZEB-BT6860RUCF 5.1 Channel Multimed..
Led display / Supports usb, sd/mmc
Rs 3,988
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SanDisk 32 gb Cruzer Blade pendrive with OTG Cable Combo Set Image
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LG 27UD68-P 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync Image
LG 27UD68-P 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync
Rs 37,000 Rs 37,997
( upto 2% Off )
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Samsung 24 inch AH-IPS Led HDMI Monitor LS24E360HL/XL Glossy White Image
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HP 19KA 18.5-inch LED Backlit Monitor (Black) Image
HP 19KA 18.5-inch LED Backlit Monitor (Black)
Rs 4,499 Rs 6,099
( upto 26% Off )
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Accessories and Peripherals Price List on September, 2018

Accessories and Peripherals Models List Updated Price List
Shrih Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Combo Set Rs. 999
Tecnia Blaster 555 Pulse 5.1 Channel Multimed.. Rs. 3,499
Blaupunkt SBW-01 Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker Rs. 6,999
iball DJ X7 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker Rs. 1,775
Zebronics ZEB-BT6860RUCF 5.1 Channel Multimed.. Rs. 3,988
FineArts Infamous Cole Laptop Skin with Reversible Laptop Sleeve Combo Set Rs. 299
Cosmus 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack Rs. 699
Terabyte Combo Of Mini Display Port Dp To Hdmi Adapter And 3 Meter Hdmi Cable Combo Set Rs. 380
Namo Art Abstract Dell 4in1 15.6 Combo Set Rs. 479
FineArts Transparent 6 in 1 Laptop Skin Pack With Reversible Sleeves, SD Card Reader & Cleaning Kit Combo Set Rs. 499

Select Computer Accessories and Peripherals from a wide range of options

For products associated with electronic devices and those which we regularly make use of. Ensuring proper trust and quality is essential. At our store, you will find not just Accessories and peripherals price list but also the top brands and unique products that we provide.

  • Monitors - The most important output unit is the monitor, without which a computer is of no use. On our store, you can select from monitors from brands like Dell, Acer, Asus, HP, AOC, LG, Samsung, and more.
  • Keyboards - This is a crucial input device without which you will not be able to operate a computer. Choose from keyboards of brands like Logitech, Dell, Iball, Zebronics, Sony Vaio and more.
  • Mouse - After keyboard mouse is another device that is crucial for giving inputs to the system. If even one of the mouse clicks is not working it becomes a problem, select from mouses of brands like Logitech, HP, Intex, Dell, Microsoft and more. 
  • Webcams - Don’t wait for the person sitting miles away from you to text you on Whatsapp. Give them a video call on Skype and see them all you want with a webcam. We have options from brands like Creative, Fosscam, Logitech, Microsoft, and more.
  • Speakers and Headphones - There is no fun of listening to music if you do not have proper headphones or speakers attached with your computers. Shop for speakers and headphones from Zebronics, Frontech, Unitech, Iball, and lots more.
  • Laptop bags - Protecting the laptop is very important if you wish to ensure safety of your laptops. We provide durable laptop bags from Snoog, Theskinmantra, Acm, Hamee.
  • Laptop Chargers - For constant users of Laptop, there is no greater nightmare than losing a laptop charger or messing up with an existing one. Update your laptop charger with ones from brands like Dell, Lenovo, Clublaptop and more.
  • Cooling pads - Operating on a laptop for long can be challenging if it’s very hot, control its temperature using a cooling pad, we provide with options from Zebronics, Targus, Deepcool, Cooler.
  • Microphones - You can add on to the utility of your system by using a microphone along with it. We provide you with options from Samson, Ahuja, Shure, Krown.

The list of accessories and peripherals options available with us includes not just the above mentioned options but also other items like Laser Pointers, Presentation Remotes, Combos, Laptop Screen Protectors, Laptop Docking stations, touch pads and lots more.

Compare and select the best available Accessories and Peripherals with IndiaShopps

Getting the exact product of your choice is something a few lucky people can experience. But at our store we aim to make all of our customers lucky so, you too can get the exact products that you are looking for, by having a look at the user rating that we provide. Accessories and peripherals online price is not enough when you are aiming to compare the given products you need to go through their features and brands as well.


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