Sharp FU-A28E Air Purifier vs Octus Aerolife Soho Air Purifier


Brand Sharp Octus
Size 38.5 cms (W) x 12.8 cms (D) x 38.0 cms (H) Standard
Color White Silver
Manufacturer SHARP Octus
feature Combines ACTIVE & PASSIVE Purification System - much better than only Filtration SystemsACTIVE Plasmacluster eliminates Smell, Toxic gases, VOC, Pathogens (mold, virus, dust mites, fungi etc - particles upto 0.01microns) from both AIR & SURFACEPASSIVE HEPA System traps PM2.5 particles, Smoke, House Dust & Pollen. The Pre Filter traps heavy dust particles.Plasmacluster Technology MIMICS NATURE. No artificial or harmful methods in the Purification processCleans 150 sq feet room for 5 times in one Eliminate 99.7 percent dust, pollen, allergy, moldRemove 99.9 percent formaldehyde, benzene and other TVOCKill bacterial, virus, germsHelp you breathe and sleep better and improve human immunityWarranty: 1 year on productPower: 13 wattsCompact and slek design to suit any surrounding.
Warranty -- 1 year on product
Model -- Aerolife SOHO

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