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Getting that great shave needs more than a simple razor. For a perfect look, you need to start with a skin moisturiser and then apply a shaving foam or gel. Once you are done with the razor, you would need to apply an aftershave. Thus getting that perfect suave look needs a whole array of products. Now if you are looking at getting hold of shaving products, there is no better place to look at than IndiaShopps. Just browse through our site and you likely find an incredible range of products which range from gels, foams, razors, pre-shave oils, balms, hydrating lotions and host of other products. Also with the help of our site, you can know about shaving products price list in India and then choose a product that meets your budget.

Best Shaving Products (2018)

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Shaving Price List on October, 2018

Shaving Models List Updated Price List
Gillette Mach3 Turbo 2 Cartridge(Pack of 2) Rs. 329
Anherb After Shave Conditioner Rs. 378
Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Cartridges Rs. 520
Man Arden The Legend (Arabian Oudh) - Soothing & Moisturizing - (Pack Of 2) Pre Shave Oil(50 ml) Rs. 599
Gillette Mach 3 Cartridges Rs. 210
The Body Shop Maca Root Razor Relief Rs. 945
Gillette Sensitive Skin Shave Foam Rs. 159
Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Razor Rs. 152
Man Arden Pre Shave Oil - The Maverick - Hydrating & Calming Shave Oil(50 ml) Rs. 349
Nivea Men Sensitive After Shave Lotion with Offer Rs. 159

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A refined and cultivated man makes a sincere effort to maintain a neat look. Given an array of products that may go into getting such a look, it is quite possible you may end spending a tidy sum. However, with the help of our site, you can learn details about Shaving products price online and make great savings.

On our site, we have listed a huge range of products from leading brands such as Gillette, Nivea, Loreal Paris, Floid amongst several others. Our collection includes top-notch shaving gels, herbal options and a bunch of imported products aimed at the discerning audience. You are likely to come across innovative products like soft aftershave lotions that do not burn to razors which come with multiple high-quality blades. You are also likely to find specialized razors that glide well and are highly durable. We have also listed a range of aftershaves including perennial favourites from top brands like Yardley, Brut and Skye. We have included products that are priced at various price points so that everyone gets something of their choice. For example, in aftershaves, you have options that start below rupees two hundred to marquee options that cost over fourteen thousand rupees. On our site, you can shortlist products by their cost by using the price bar feature.

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For obtaining that clean-cut look that makes you stand out from the crowd, grab hold of finest products listed on our site at the best possible rates. Once you have shortlisted a bunch of products, you can figure out the Shaving products price list for your shortlist and make significant savings. In some cases, especially on high-end items, you may like to compare one product against another. To do so, take help of our powerful comparison engine which presents feature wise details in a neatly laid out manner for you to go through.  For those of you who are running a business and are looking to buy products in bulk, a little browsing through our site can help you obtain  Shaving products price in India for items of your choice and make great savings.


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