Electric Shaver Price List in India

In our modern age, getting a shave in quick time can be a tricky affair. The process of shaving manually can be tedious and time-consuming. First, you need to apply foam or use gel to create the lather. Next, you have to painstakingly keep shaving while avoiding nick and cuts. After the shave, you need to also clean up and apply aftershave too. However, with the help of an electric shaver, things can be done in far less time. First of all, you do not need any cream or even water for shaving. The process of removing hair is way faster and you do not need to worry about cutting yourselves. Moreover, such devices are more accurate and come in rather handy in getting correct sideburns. For those of you who have suffered from ingrown hair, opting for such products is an absolute must if you wish to avoid razor bumps. Skin irritation and other hassles associated with normal shaving can also be avoided if you choose a right electric razor.

When it comes to purchasing such devices, your local electronics store may not be the right choice. In most local shops, options available are limited and hence you can look at IndiaShopps to get that choicest shaver for yourself. In fact, as you browse through our site you would come to know about electric shaver price list in India and can then shortlist products that match your need and price range.

Best Electric Shaver Products (2018)

Kemei KM-9001 Shaver Image
Kemei KM-9001 Shaver
Rs 1,299
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Philips GC026/30 Shaver Image
Philips GC026/30 Shaver
Rs 1,475
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Remington RE-PR1230 Shaver Image
Remington RE-PR1230 Shaver
Pop Up Trimmer / Waterproof
Rs 3,600
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Braun Shaver Series 3 / 340 Image
Braun Shaver Series 3 / 340
Rs 29,407
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Syska SH-966 Shaver Image
Syska SH-966 Shaver
3 track system for a precise shave / Washable body for better and easy cleaning
Rs 3,050
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Braun 799CC-6WD Series-7 CC4 Wet & Dry Shaver Image
Braun 799CC-6WD Series-7 CC4 Wet & Dry Shaver
Intelligent Sonic technology automatically increases power in difficult areas and on denser hair / ActiveLift trimmer captures flat-lying hairs in problem areas
Rs 14,152
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Brite BS-550 Shaver Image
Brite BS-550 Shaver
Rs 339
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Remington F420 Titanium Foil Shaver Image
Remington F420 Titanium Foil Shaver
Universal voltage
Rs 3,499
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Philips S-1030 Electric Shaver Image
Philips S-1030 Electric Shaver
Rs 1,674
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ACM B-121 Eyebrow Trimmer Image
ACM B-121 Eyebrow Trimmer
Rs 165
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Povos PW936 Shaver Image
Povos PW936 Shaver
Floating 3 head / Acute angle cutting system
Rs 848
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Kemei KM-8101 Shaver Image
Kemei KM-8101 Shaver
1 Speed Settings / Rechargeable
Rs 494
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Four Star FS-3054 Epilator Image
Four Star FS-3054 Epilator
Rs 399
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Braun Series 9 9299 Shaver Image
Braun Series 9 9299 Shaver
Five specialized shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke for fewer strokes and less skin irritation / Our patented SyncroSonic technology reads and adapts to your beard 160 times per second providing extra power where needed
Rs 21,459
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Braun LS 5160 Silk & Soft Shaver Image
Braun LS 5160 Silk & Soft Shaver
Cordless and battery-2xAA with extra close shaving, trims easily and perfect for underarms and legs / Extended long hair trimmer offers easy trimming and optimal visibility and is fully washable
Rs 3,415
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Braun 5040S Wet and Dry Shaver Image
Braun 5040S Wet and Dry Shaver
Patented UltraActiveLift effectively lifts and cuts problem hairs in fewer strokes / New PowerDrive with 20% more power for high speed cutting even on dense hair
Rs 12,695
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Philips Satinelle BRE201/00 Epilator Image
Philips Satinelle BRE201/00 Epilator
Washable epilation head for extra hygiene and easy cleaning / Profiled, ergonomic grip for comfortable handling
Rs 2,937
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Philips QG3332/23 Body Grooming Shaver Image
Philips QG3332/23 Body Grooming Shaver
Detail Foil Shaver For Perfect Lines, Edges, And Contours / Soft Rubber Grip For Maximum Control
Rs 3,399
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Philips RQ310 Shaver Image
Philips RQ310 Shaver
RQ310 / 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase
Rs 2,819
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Philips AT620 Aquatouch Shaver Image
Philips AT620 Aquatouch Shaver
100 percent waterproof / Close Cut blades glide gently for a smooth, close cut
Rs 2,049
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Agaro WD 651 Shaver Image
Agaro WD 651 Shaver
Shaver with pop-up trimmer / Wet/dry and washable
Rs 1,590
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Wama WMLS02 Shaver Image
Wama WMLS02 Shaver
Rs 299
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Wama WMMS01 Shaver Image
Wama WMMS01 Shaver
Handy At Home And Travelling .Wet & dry shaver / Easy to Clean and Wash . Pop Up Timer
Rs 399
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Agaro AG-DS-321Shaver Image
Agaro AG-DS-321Shaver
Rs 422
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Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 Shaver Image
Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 Shaver
CloseCut heads cut up to 25% closer with durable, self-sharpening blades / Flex Float System follows the many contours of your face to catch more hairs
Rs 8,727
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Panasonic ES-RW30CM Rechargeable Shaver Image
Panasonic ES-RW30CM Rechargeable Shaver
Pop up trimmer / Washable blade and foil
Rs 3,995
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Havells RS-7131 Shaver Image
Havells RS-7131 Shaver
Ipx 7 technology - shaver is waterproof from head to toe / Rechargeable shaver runs for 120 minutes after 60 minutes of full charge
Rs 3,990
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Maxel 3791 Trimmer Image
Maxel 3791 Trimmer
Rs 308
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Kemei RSCW-5088 Shaver Image
Kemei RSCW-5088 Shaver
Rs 442
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Remington R3150 Shaver Image
Remington R3150 Shaver
Rs 5,519
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Panasonic Es2207P 3-Blade Shaver Image
Panasonic Es2207P 3-Blade Shaver
100 Percent Wet And Dry Shaving Operation For A Close Shave That Can Be Used In The Tub Or Shower / Cordless Operation
Rs 2,956
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Electric Shaver Price List on August, 2018

Electric Shaver Models List Updated Price List
Kemei KM-9001 Shaver Rs. 1,299
Philips GC026/30 Shaver Rs. 1,475
Remington RE-PR1230 Shaver Rs. 3,600
Braun Shaver Series 3 / 340 Rs. 29,407
Syska SH-966 Shaver Rs. 3,050
Braun 799CC-6WD Series-7 CC4 Wet & Dry Shaver Rs. 14,152
Brite BS-550 Shaver Rs. 339
Remington F420 Titanium Foil Shaver Rs. 3,499
Philips S-1030 Electric Shaver Rs. 1,674
ACM B-121 Eyebrow Trimmer Rs. 165

Choose from an expansive collection of electric shavers

We have collected a huge repertoire of shaving devices for you to choose from. From top brands like Philips and Panasonic to other worthy competitors like Remington and Braun, you are likely to get spoilt for choice. As you go through our site, you quickly know about electric shaver price online for your preferred products.

You would come across products that come with elegant accessories like cleaning brush and charging stands. Our collection also features a range of trimmers for those looking for elegant grooming. You get options with different motors, head types including ones that pivot and products with different quality of the battery. Some products also come with travelling pouches and even lubricant oil, keeping in mind your long-term needs.

To get that perfect shave, buy electric shavers from IndiaShopps

When it comes to offering our consumers a varied choice, we always ensure that we do not just stick to one price range. Hence our offerings for these devices run from as low as those priced around 200 bucks and go up to top end ones costing over twenty thousand rupees. On one side our site showcases the cheapest electric shaver price list while at the same time we display some of the best products available in the market. With the help of our comparison feature, you can quickly make out electric shaver price in India across different sites and then make your purchase decision. By using our deals section, you can get exciting discounts from top sites and thus make a cool saving. 


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