Pedometer Price List in India

In an increasingly hectic world, time can be a luxury. Yet we need to take time out for exercise if wish to keep ourselves fit. While working out, we also need to track our progress and thus arises the need for a good pedometer. Such devices are ideal for tracking your movement and can give you accurate measurements of the distance you covered. Incidentally, if you are looking to jog your way to a healthy body, getting hold of an accurate tracker is a must. Now, these devices come in different styles and can vary greatly in the features they offer. While there are basic devices that need to be manually calibrated to track distances, increasingly people are opting for devices that come with GPS tracking mechanism. At IndiaShopps, we have carefully built together an interesting list of products for you to choose. Moreover, you can know about Pedometer price list in India and then drill down to a set of products that fall within your budget.

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Pedometer Price in India

Latest Pedometer Models List (2018) Updated Prices
Healthline PD-09 Walk Style 3D PedometerRs.1,179
Pyle Sports Training Watch PedometerRs.3,155
Epson Runsense PedometerRs.15,270
Pyle Fitness Tracker Wrist Watch PedometerRs.3,435
Accusplit AE140XLE Pedometer Step CounterRs.4,909
Sportline Go Walking Pedometer (With FM Radio..Rs.4,424
New Balance VIA Step CounterRs.2,013
Robic M319 Dual Display Pedometer Step Count..Rs.2,036
Health Sense PD-102 Smart 3D Watch PedometerRs.1,459
Omron HJ-320 PedometerRs.1,104

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For people who are employed in sedentary jobs, jogging is possibly the best exercise. Not only is it easy to manage, it also becomes an inspiring activity if you can track your progress. Hence to help you on your way to a healthier life, we have listed products from some of the best brands including the likes of Omron, Epson, Sportline etc. We have products that range from few hundred bucks to sophisticated ones that are priced over ten thousand rupees. With the help of our site, you can effortlessly discover about Pedometer price online and arrive at a relevant shortlist of products.

For professional runners and health enthusiasts, we have listed top end products that come with features such as a seven-day memory clock, fat burn measurements, auto resent options amongst others. An array of devices are available for you to choose from; starting with basic wristband trackers to high-end pocket trackers that come with their customized software that can sync with your smartphone. You can also opt for devices that can detect false movements, lockout display features and voice alerts. At the same time for the budget conscious consumer, we have purely functional devices at less than five hundred bucks which just measure step counts and calorie counts.

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If you are still dithering about fixing up your jogging plan, getting an accurate tracker would surely help. With the help of our site, you can quickly obtain Pedometer price list for your shortlist of products and probably buy one at a steal. In fact, try looking for attractive discounts that are available under the top deal’s section and you find save some more. On the other hand, if you are running a gym or a health club, and are looking to buy products in bulk, diligently browsing through the site will help you know accurate details about Pedometer price in India in a quick span of time. So grab a tracker of your choice at the best price and run into shape.