Health Care Products Price List in India

There is an old saying that “Health is more precious than Wealth”. This holds even true today where the anxieties of modern life have brought a series of lifestyle diseases to our doors. It is now common to hear news like a forty-year-old colleague suffering a heart attack or a ten-year-old boy suffering from diabetes. In fact, twenty-something kids are suffering from high cholesterol and blood pressure. Given such a scenario if one wishes to stay in good shape, he/she should always get hold of relevant health care products.

Now when you are looking at choosing a product for your health, you need to do proper research. One needs to apply thought before purchasing as any wrong choice can prove costly. At IndiaShopps, you get the chance to go through a variety of top of the line wellness related products that been curated while keeping quality in mind. Moreover, with little effort, you can find health care products price list in India and make an informed decision to choose the apt product.

Best Health Care Products Products (2018)

Smart Care 3990 Piston Compressor Plus Nebulizer Image
Smart Care 3990 Piston Compressor Plus Nebulizer This is the best quality clinically approved Nebulizer mask available in Innovative design with ergonomic handle.. Can be used with Saline water. / The nebulizing mast is effective for coughs, wheezing cold, asthma and other breathing issues that require effective nebulizing. / This nebulizer is compact, lightweight, durable and long life with a unique interchangeable jet caps. It has a user selectable medication rate with shorter inhalation.
Rs 2,399
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Hicks NEB-70 Nebulizer Image
Hicks NEB-70 Nebulizer Latex Free / Fast & Efficient respiratory therapy / Effective Medication Delivery
Rs 1,951
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Niscomed Spiritus Nebulizer Image
Niscomed Spiritus Nebulizer Nebulizer / Color: White / Usage: Medication for respiratory tract
Rs 2,499
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BPL F1 Accudigit Digital Thermometer Image
BPL F1 Accudigit Digital Thermometer Allows for continuous temperature measurements in the forehead / Equipped with a bi-colour backlit LCD screen / Acquires temperature readings within 0.5 second
Rs 1,846
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Vkare Aneroid BP Monitor Image
Vkare Aneroid BP Monitor Provides Accurate B.P. Readings / Nylon Cuff provides better durability and look / Latex bulb with standard air release valve
Rs 750
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Arkray Trust Check Xpert BP Monitor Image
Arkray Trust Check Xpert BP Monitor Automatic Upper Arm BP Monitor Device / Pulse Rate Indicator / Multi-User function(3 users)-40*3Memory
Rs 2,350
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Lifeline MDE-10 Mercurial Sphygmomanometer BP Monitor Image
Lifeline MDE-10 Mercurial Sphygmomanometer BP Monitor Outer Material: Iron / Colour: Grey / Usage: To Monitor Blood Pressure at Home
Rs 2,351
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Mextech TM-2 Digital Thermometer Image
Mextech TM-2 Digital Thermometer LCD Display / Features: Indoor & outdoor temperature display, indoor humidity display
Rs 489
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Rossmax RA600 Thermometer Image
Rossmax RA600 Thermometer Infrared ear thermometer, with probe cover and backlight / Celsius to fahrenheit switch ability / 1 second measurement and 9 memories
Rs 1,300
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Beurer MG148 Belt Massager Image
Beurer MG148 Belt Massager Soothing Shiatsu massage for the home: relaxed shoulders, neck and back to sporting efforts, a stressful day at work or just between / The four rotating massage heads with two selectable massage offer a comfortable massage technology, you may you pains reduce & contribute to healthy health and athletic vitality / The connectible light and heat function protects the Beurer Shiatsu Massager can be released by a perfect body therapy by keeping tension at all times quickly and easily even
Rs 9,210
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Deemark Health Hammer Massager Image
Deemark Health Hammer Massager Tied and weak. Relax mentally and physically, remove fatigue. / Sleepless and dreaminess. Improve sleep quality, dynamic. / Pain and ache. Effectively relieve ache on neck, shoulder, back, wrist , joint.
Rs 1,079
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ANCS Energy King Massager Image Buy Now
Beurer EM38 Electrical Muscular Stimulator Massager Image
Beurer EM38 Electrical Muscular Stimulator Massager Medical product used for use to treat back pain in the lumbar region / For stomach circumferences of 75 to 140 centimeters / Flexibly adjustable with velcro fastening and 4 TENS programmes
Rs 4,280
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Health Care Products Price List on December, 2018

Health Care Products Models List Updated Price List
Rossmax TG-100 Digital Thermometer (Pack of 15) Rs. 2,299
Cybercity Marketing Manipol Body Massager Rs. 750
Silvii Piston Compressor Nebulizer Rs. 1,200
Smart Care 3990 Piston Compressor Plus Nebulizer Rs. 2,399
Hicks NEB-70 Nebulizer Rs. 1,951
Niscomed Spiritus Nebulizer Rs. 2,499
BPL F1 Accudigit Digital Thermometer Rs. 1,846
Dr Gene DRG02 Upper Arm BP Monitor Rs. 1,019
Robotouch RBT1010 Mini Massager Rs. 500
Scure FTP101/A Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Rs. 1,275

Choose an Array of Health Related Products to meet your varying needs

For keeping in good shape, you may need to seek out different kinds of products. From products that aim to keep your vitals in check to ones that are designed for monitoring purposes, you are likely to find an array of them on our site. In fact, when it comes health care products price online, you can find a bouquet of options to choose from at our site. Let’s look at some of the categories of products that may come handy for you.

Monitors like BP Monitor, Glucometer, Body Fat Analyzer, Pulse Oximeter

If you are suffering from blood pressure or sugar, devices such as glucometers and BP Monitors must be present in your house. We have listed top brands like Accu-Check, Omron and DR. Morepen to give you the chance to buy cutting-edge products to secure your health. Also if you are above the age of thirty and obese, a body fat analyzer may be a great choice for regular monitoring.

Day to day products like Digital Thermometer and Pedometer

Every household needs to keep items like a thermometer and pedometer for day to day tracking of health. In fact, if you are looking to stay in shape, a pedometer is an absolute must. On our site, you get to choose from a variety of leading brands like JSB which offer accurate movement tracking devices.

Relief Products like Heating Pad, Massager and Nebulizer

At times we all need products to comfort our bodies. Products like heating pads and Massagers come really handy in case of body pain and especially useful for seniors living in our households. You would come across different products from companies like DEEMARK, JSB and many more leading brands.

Stay fit by choosing the right health care products using IndiaShopps

With the help of our site, you can look to remain quite fit by investing in products that aim at solving specific problem areas. Our innovative comparison feature can help you dig out health care products online price across multiple brands and categories. If that was not all, in many cases you get to review the opinion of other people who have brought these items. Last but not the least you can also get hefty discounts from the listed e-commerce sites using coupon codes.


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