Remington Trimmer Price List in India

Best Remington Trimmer Products (2018)

Remington PG6030 Edge Grooming Kit Trimmer Image
Remington PG6030 Edge Grooming Kit Trimmer
Titanium coated self-sharpening blades / Rechargeable with upto 40 minutes of cordless usage charging indicator light / Washable heads for easy cleaning, ergonomic grip charging stand
Rs 6,072
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Remington MB4030 Trimmer Image
Remington MB4030 Trimmer
Advanced ceramic coated and micro serrated blades / 9 preset lengths and zoom wheel length settings / Pop up trimmer for detail trimming of beard line
Rs 7,127
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Remington HC330 Trimmer Image
Remington HC330 Trimmer
Rs 1,509
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Remington RE-HC5400 Hair Trimmer Image
Remington RE-HC5400 Hair Trimmer
Pro Power motor with enhanced performance, Anti-slip grip / Titanium coated blades, Micro USB charging (cable included) / Self-sharpening blades
Rs 4,995
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Remington HC-8017B Trimmer Image
Remington HC-8017B Trimmer
Ergonomic design for enhanced feel and function / Precision tapering switch / Tapering switch for professional level styling control
Rs 3,506
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Remington BHT250 Body and Hair Trimmer Image
Remington BHT250 Body and Hair Trimmer
Material: Plastic / Colour: Black and Blue / Power Source: AC/DC
Rs 5,195
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Remington NE3750 Trimmer Image
Remington NE3750 Trimmer
Cordless Trimmer
Rs 3,695
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Remington NE3150 Trimmer Image
Remington NE3150 Trimmer
Linear head, for nose, ear and brow / Washable / for quick and easy cleaning
Rs 790
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Remington BKT 3000C Bikini Trimmer Image
Remington BKT 3000C Bikini Trimmer
Cordless bikini trimmer with attachments / Shower proof for wet and dry use / Up to 45 minutes cordless usage time
Rs 3,895
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Remington PG180 Trimmer Image
Remington PG180 Trimmer
Self-sharpening blades / Codless trimmer / 1 comb for different hair lengths (0.5 - 5 mm)
Rs 2,279
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Remington MB4010 Trimmer Image
Remington MB4010 Trimmer
100% Original product / Manufacturer Warranty / 6 pre-set length settings
Rs 2,295
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Remington MPT 3800 Trimmer Image
Remington MPT 3800 Trimmer
100% Original product / Manufacturer Warranty
Rs 1,244
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Remington NE3450 Trimmer Image
Remington NE3450 Trimmer
Remington Trimmer Remington NE3450
Rs 2,321
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Remington MB200 Beard Trimmer Image
Remington MB200 Beard Trimmer
Revolutionary trimming technology / Titanium coated blades never need oiling / Easy to use zoom wheel adjusts to create 9 length settings
Rs 3,370
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Remington BHT2000 Trimmer Image
Remington BHT2000 Trimmer
Titanium coated blades - Revolutionary Trimming Technology / Trimmer attachment for reducing hair length / Wheel control adjusts comb for 5 length settings
Rs 5,477
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Remington PG525 Trimmer Image
Remington PG525 Trimmer
Cordless Trimmer
Rs 2,977
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Remington WDF4830C Trimmer Image
Remington WDF4830C Trimmer
Double foil shaver for comfortable and quick shaving results / 2 x hypoallergenic floatings heads the follow the body's contours / Intercept trimmer for enhanced cutting performance and smoother results
Rs 5,602
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Remington WPG-4035 Trimmer Image
Remington WPG-4035 Trimmer
Remington wpg4035 ultimate bikini kit (detail trimmer) / Detail trimmer with comfort tips and showerproof / Mini shaver with nano silver: hypoallergenic for a clean smooth shave
Rs 6,294
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Remington Trimmer Price List on November, 2018

Remington Trimmer Models List Updated Price List
Remington PG 6070 Trimmer Rs. 7,271
Remington PG6030 Edge Grooming Kit Trimmer Rs. 6,072
Remington MB4030 Trimmer Rs. 7,127
Remington HC330 Trimmer Rs. 1,509
Remington RE-HC5400 Hair Trimmer Rs. 4,995
Remington HC-8017B Trimmer Rs. 3,506
Remington BHT250 Body and Hair Trimmer Rs. 5,195
Remington NE3750 Trimmer Rs. 3,695
Remington NE3150 Trimmer Rs. 790
Remington BKT 3000C Bikini Trimmer Rs. 3,895

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