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We all wish to have a perfectly good looking body, but maintaining good health and fitness is no joke it requires a lot of time and dedication. Now you can be your own professional beautician using the wide range of Personal and Health Care Products Online on our website. Can you imagine how much money this one-time investment can help you save? No more sessions of weekly trims or monthly packages of waxing cost. Accentuate your beauty, and the smoothness of your skin, with products which are designed to fulfill all your skin care and hair care needs while keeping you beautiful.  

Choosing a perfect healthcare product in india can be a challenging task, as you want it to be easy to use and effective at their job. Well, don’t worry as we provide you with detailed information on a wide range of items to choose from. Now, you can check your blood pressure and sugar etc at home, with using simple Health Products that will motivate you to stay healthy for your loved ones.

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Keep an everyday record of your health and analyze your stats using the medical tools available on our website under the category of healthcare. Or just look like a movie star, by flaunting smooth skin, or trying out different hairstyles. Don’t worry guys we are considerate about your grooming as well and provide beauty magic sticks for you as well. Here are some of the personal and health items that you can find on our website.

Personal Care products

Now try out different looks everyday and ignite the fashionista inside your soul and make them go Gaga over your style with our collection of grooming products.

  • Trimmers & Shaver

Men’s grooming is as important as a woman; they too deserve a little love and pampering on their body. Girls you will be amazed to know that guys actually spend more on their salon visits than girls, because of their weekly sessions. But not anymore as with these exclusive designer trimmers and shavers from brands like Nova, Maxel, Philips, Remington and Kemeietc you will be trying different designs on your bread on your own. Compare these Personal Care products price list in India and shave for free.

  • Epilators

Hairy legs are always standing there in between you and your pretty black dress. Well not anymore, have a last minute date or a party plan, well this Epilator will help your clean every piece of hair from your legs or anywhere else on your body. We offer them in brands like Philips, Emjoi, Braun, and Panasonic.

  • Hair Stylers

Now design your hair like your mood, go vintage when you are sad or messy when you want to party. Curl, blow-dry or straighten your hair to make them look shiny and soft every day. Turn people’s neck with your style. Customers can choose between brands like Philips, Vega, Panasonic, Nova, Babyliss, Ikonic, and Conair etc.

  • Vaping Devices

Take care of your lungs and give them a break from taking so much pollution from the air, by adding different fragrances and flavors offered by brands like Shisha, Shop online, Moratic and High Fly.


Health Care Products

Become your family doctor and take care of anyone who requires it without alarming everybody in the house. Keep a track of everything from your daily steps, to pulse to heartbeat or blood pressure and maintain a state that can help you live a long life.

  • BP Monitor

Every 5th person is suffering from Blood pressure, so it’s only fair that they keep a machine in their household. You can shop for a brand like Dr., Mcp Care, Rossmaxetc here.

  • Digital Thermometer

Fever again is a common occurring in all household, so it’s better to check the temperature, before getting your parents on high alert during the night. We offer Healthcare Items brands like Pixel, Htc, and Rossmax that deliver accurate results every time.

  • Heating Pads and Massager

Release all your stress and strain in the heat and relaxation provided by affordable massager like Acupressure, Jsb, Robotouch, Flamingo, and Activeheat etc.

  • Body Fat Analyzer

Stay healthy and fit, and don’t let fat come in the way of you and your health. Track your body fat using our body fat analyzer collection.

  • Glucometer and Pedometer

Keep a track of your glucose count and steps every day to adopt a healthy lifestyle and add a few years to your life. We offer brands like Bayer, Ace, Ekho, Omron, One and Sportlineetc for our users to choose from.

Brand Mela

Just type in the name of any brand in our search can you will be flooded with different product option available for that particular brand. We have listed some of the biggest brands personal and healthcare items online for you to choose from.

Research, Compare and Save

Don’t just buy a product based on the popularity of a brand. We encourage our customers to run a thorough deep research regarding the product before buying it. This allows them to understand whether the product is going to suit their daily needs or not. Like a user who is looking for a hair dryer for daily use should opt for a reliable brand with cool air setting as it doesn’t the structure of hair in the long run, as compare to hot air blow setting.

Research and compare different features of different items to grab the best deal available online and save every penny that you can. Save your time and energy and let us do your work instead of running to different markets. We are dedicated to pamper our customers, so just sit back on your sofa comfortably and browse through the collection one by one. Or just run a filtered search and get your ideal product with a few clicks.

Stay Flawless and healthy with IndiaShopps

Be your own doctor and beautician and keep track of your health and fitness with our easy to use a collection of beauty and Health Care products. Stop compromising with grooming requirement, and pamper your body mind and soul, by loving yourself a little more and taking a little bit more care of yourself.

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