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Honor X10 Night Shoot Camera Samples Exposed Officially  


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May 14, 2020 6:19 pm  

Honor officially shared the night camera samples of the Honor X10 smartphone. The camera shots were taken with the Honor X10 at the height of 5200 meters on Mount Everest.

The ambient temperature at that time was minus 20 ° and the extreme dark light environment. Officials said the move was to test how Honor X10 phones can shoot in dim light.

The Honor X10 handles dark scenes very well. The photos were taken at different time periods, the snow scene and the lake surface in the photo can clearly see the outline and color of the ice cube.

Although the overall picture is still a bit dark, the silhouette of the distant peaks between the sky and the middle peaks is very obvious. The color of the snow reflection on the top of the mountain is also natural, and it is not covered by the low light of the environment.

After zooming in these proofs, you can still clearly see the scene of the scene, which shows how good the shooting ability of this phone.



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