Zendor Door to What Is: A Modern Day Testimony of Jesus Christ, Consciousness and Other Worlds: Volume 1

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Zendor Door to What Is: A Modern Day Testimony of Jesus Christ, Consciousness and Other Worlds: Volume 1 Details

Seminal View of Christ, Consciousness and Other Worlds

Zendor - Door to What IS explores blending worlds; physical and spiritual, even extraterrestrial. It is a story about the quest for understanding. His journey makes sense common to seekers of truth beyond books. Unyielding faith, love and trust guide him through an amazing discovery of BEing few get the chance to experience.

Overcoming doubt, judgment, rejection and misunderstanding leads this one to garner wisdom, but only through the trials and tribulations of tempering the heart and spirit. Developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ early in life, his explorations engaged a living being and Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness condensed into form.

Young Zendor's questions continue to move him deeper into the nature of spirituality and how science confirms the answers and begins to erase the lines of separation between God and man. Explore powerful questions that guide you to know a greater connection with 'God' and experience a new living awareness as a result.

You won't again see yourself or the world in the same way

It isn't often you get to review a book by someone you already know, respect - and this respect is based on the results that Zen delivers in the real, concrete world where most of us live. Zen is a perfect combination of can-do problem solver and off-your-radar philosopher in one amazing human being.

His book, Zendor - Door to what IS, speaks of this world and other worlds with data, experience, insights, and questions, many of which the reader is challenged to answer - or at least ponder for extended periods.

Zen does not dispense recipes and firm answers to life's questions. Instead, he invites you to use all six senses and to think. I have not been lucky enough to attend one of his workshops or retreats, yet I am dead sure I would leave with fewer limits to the possibilities in my life.

What Zen and I have in common is that we were adopted as young children. The effect that simple event has on one's psyche is profound and lasting an entire lifetime. We are forced to ask question after question. Who am I, really? Where did I come from? Why did I grow up with these people and not "my real parents?" What is my special purpose in this universe?

Many adoptees have empathic powers beyond those of people raised under "normal" circumstances. We sense that others may see us as somehow "less than." No wonder we adoptees seek close relationships with truly odd strangers, saints living in other dimensions, extraterrestrials, angels, folks with genuine psychic powers - need I go on?

Zen will take you there. Enjoy.

5.0 out of 5 stars May 20, 2013By John P. DERMODYAmazon Verified Purchase

Questioning one's direct experience continually leads to deeper understanding and a connection to life that incorporates personal truth; validated by both inner and outer realities, and shared by others on the path to discovery and making sense common among fellow seekers of truth.

How would you handle being asked to die for what you believe in, entering the Light and going beyond IT to be told what you are here on this Earth to do. Would you be able to function in society?

Adoptees often have crazy dilemmas with abandonment, identity and rejection. Their search for identity sucks them down the rabbit hole into worlds rarely explored, especially when accompanied by a near-death experience and spiritual awakening like no other.

Rev. Benefiel offers careful considerations in his pursuit of truth, evolving human potential and universal understanding. Discover some of yourself in this quest for identity, self-awareness and wisdom for a new millennium.

For more information or to book the author for an interview or weekend workshop, please call 480-633-7179 or visit www.BeTheDream.com

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