You Mean, Theres RACE in My Movie? Book

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The Minority Reporter, the leading resource for analyzing race in contemporary mainstream movies, offers "You Mean, There's Race in My Movie?" This 330-page text serves as the foundation for a structured analysis of race in movies, which identifies distinct patterns for both White and non-White ("minority") characters in mainstream movies. With over 65 new vocabulary terms and references to over 500 different movies and actors, the book provides an eye-opening look at the entire movie industry to illustrate in clear detail how Hollywood glamorizes White imagery, often at the expense of minority characters. The book offers an in-depth look at contemporary mainstream Hollywood and parses out the complex web of historical, institutional and financial factors that influence the portrayal of race in mainstream movies. "You Mean, There's Race in My Movie?" is the analytical tool for the 21st century, picking up where texts like Donald Bogle's "Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies & Bucks," left off. Traditional research regarding race at the movies typically adopts an historical approach to "obvious" disparaging images from Hollywood's early years. In contrast, The Minority Reporter focuses on contemporary movies (c. 1990 to today) through a structured framework that identifies and outlines the more subtle archetypes for minority characters and broad characters patterns for Whites referred to as prototypes. In today's "post-racial" society, it is difficult to detect, let alone address racial inequities that stubbornly persist. With mainstream movies providing context for dialogue, we use critical analysis to explore and decode existing discriminatory patterns, examining the influence and impact of such imagery upon "blind spots" within our lives. Readers will leave with specific vocabulary and techniques to identify and effectively discuss race in the movies the very next day!
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