You Have Done This Thing

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This study considers what is arguably the most harrowing and heartrending account in the Bible: God's call to Abraham to sacrifice his only son out of obedience to the will of God. Drawing upon the depth of insights in this passage, author Sunday Leonard Fwa traces how God granted His greatest commendation to Abraham, a man who performed the supreme act of obedience. Fwa then explores the path toward experiencing God's commendations and the blessings that come when one sacrifices, gives to others, lives by faith, practices obedience, engages in acts of service, forgives others, and remains immersed in prayer and God's Word.

Each of the nine chapters in this study addresses an element of the life of faith. The discussions remain deeply rooted in the Scriptures-both Old and New Testaments-while touching the challenges and concerns that face Christians living amid the world's distractions and temptations. Examples from the ministries of House on the Rock Church, rooted in Nigeria, provide illustrations applying these insights to daily life and ministry.

If you have a deep sense that God has a purpose for your life, that He wants to give meaning to your days, and that His calling may lead you to follow Jesus Christ, you can find the powerful and energizing guidance you need to live in obedience to the will of God and thereby receive His abundant blessings.

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