World Hunting Adventures of a Life Time Book

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Hunting, what is it all about? Why do we hunt? Hunting could be the most misunderstood sport of our time. Modern society struggles with understanding why educated man enjoys the sport of hunting. Anti-Hunters question the need, necessity and legality for the continuation of the right to hunt when hunting for most of us, is no longer required for our basic survival? So why do we hunt? I grew up listening to stories of my Grandfather talking about his childhood days in Colorado with his father and brothers trapping, hunting and selling bear hides during the late 1920's. I remember my Grandmother's story, told with great joy of her best Buck taken in the 1940's with a 30/30 Winchester saddle gun that I still carry today. Her face would glow as she told the story of dropping the big trophy buck with a single shot as he headed up a steep cannon pass. I remember the story of the big Elk shot with my Grandfather's Lever Action 300 Savage that he left for me when he passed, the disaster Duck hunt and so many more that brought smiles to faces, laughter and joy to the room as these stories were told over and over again during my childhood. When I first started hunting, I was happy to harvest anything. A quail, squirrel, a young doe, any success was a joyous moment for me. As I grew older, more accomplished and experienced, I started Trophy hunting, looking for that one special animal that stood above the rest. My hunting success was measured by the size of the horn and the weight of the Ivory. As I filled the walls of my trophy room with beast from the World over, I traveled further and further from home, hunting in more remote regions of the world, spending time with indigenous people that were raised in vastly different environments with vastly different cultures and customs. When you strip away all the wants and glitter of modern society, and travel to an environment where basic needs of food, water and shelter are the first task of each day's chores, your outlook on life
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