What Would Jesus Say about Christianity? Book

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Is this the most thought-provoking book about Christianity to be published during the past two thousand years? THIS BOOK MAKES two extraordinary claims. One is that the content is given directly by the ascended Jesus Christ through a human messenger. The other is that the Christian religion has moved so far away from the real teachings of Jesus that it does not represent Christ but perpetuates the illusions of anti-christ. SURELY, both claims are easy to dismiss-especially for Christians. The question for you is: Will you reject this book without reading it and experiencing the totality of its transformative message? What if this message resonates with something deep within your own being? In this book you will learn: Why Jesus is not happy with the religion that uses his name Why a secret power elite destroyed Jesus' example How Peter represented the Satanic consciousness Why all Christian churches are based on a Satanic foundation Why Christianity misuses Jesus' name to justify violence How Christianity is controlled by the forces of anti-christ Why Christianity "lost" the message of a path to Christhood Why Christianity is still a force for the suppression of women Behind the brutally honest expose of Christianity's shortcomings is a message of love, namely that Christianity can still become the kind of movement Jesus wants it to be. For this to happen, people need to awaken and accept their potential to walk the path that Jesus demonstrated, the path to personal Christhood."
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