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Making Choices You Don't Have to Undo

Making the right decisions can mean the difference between life and death for today's teen. The most crucial issues that young people face revolve around moral choices. It's easy to fall into the I'm-young-so-what-I-do-doesn't-matter way of thinking. And to make matters worse, the devil is promoting a live-for-today-forget-about-the-future pitch. Nothing is off limits and everything goes is painted as the modern lifestyle. This foolish philosophy has been the downfall of countless teens.

It's possible to recycle cans, bottles, and paper. But once a life is ruined or destroyed, the consequences can be devastating. Choosing the wrong friends, marrying the wrong person, or dedicating our lives to a wrong cause always results in suffering and scars.

The truth is that a life with little waste to recycle is a possibility for every young person. If you want to discover how to make excellent choices for your life, this book will help you clarify your values, set inner goals to live by, and establish godly boundaries that lead to joy and confidence.

You are, and will be, what you choose -. So choose wisely!

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