Tracys Kenpo Karate: Basics Manual Book

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Tracy's Kenpo Karate: Basics Manual Details

This manual will go over the Tracy's Kenpo Basics to help get you started on your first belt. It will cover the basic stances, blocks, kicks and punches that you need to know as well as falls, rolls and chokes which have been added to the Tracy system. This will give you a solid foundation to start your journey into Kenpo Karate. The author of this manual is LeAnn Rathbone who has over 25 years in the martial arts and holds a 4th degree Black Belt in White Tiger Kenpo Jujits, 1st Black in Tracy's Kenpo Karate and a Black Belt in Aiki Combat Jujitsu. LeAnn's Instructor Shihan Jim Rathbone has over 50 years in the Martial Arts is the Founder of White Tiger Kenpo Jujits as well as holding a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tracy's Kenpo Karate under Al Tracy, A 3rd Degree Black Belt in Aiki Combat Jujitsu and a Black Belt in Japanese Goju - Ryu under Hanshi Lou Angel. Hanshi Angel was Jeff Speakman's first instructor and sat on the promotion board of Parker's American Kenpo Karate Association. For more martial arts information visit our websites WWW.DomoAji.Com
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