The Tithe

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The Tithe explores the meeting in Jerusalem when the saved Pharisees in Antioch were demanding the Gentiles to be circumcised. Paul, Barnabas, and some Jewish brothers were sent to Jerusalem to speak with the apostles and church elders. The book discusses the authority given to Paul by Jesus and "what, how, and why Paul taught the Gentiles what he did. Scriptures are presented from Romans to Hebrews where Paul could have discussed the tithe. In conclusion the Jerusalem meeting is discussed again and the argument concludes with what James says to lay upon the Gentiles. In 1973 Derek M. Cranstoun Sr. was born again in an Apostolic Church in Columbus, Ohio. He was baptized in Jesus name and came up out of the water speaking with other tongues. He served as a deacon with the gift of tongues and interpretation in two churches from 1973 until 2008 where circumstances led him back to his original church where he serves as a deacon/trustee closer to home. His commitment to time spent in studying, praying, and listening to the voice of God is God's strongest calling and connection to Him.
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