The Signature Manuals: Wings: the Definitive Basketball Self-traning Program: 2

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The Signature Manuals: Wings: the Definitive Basketball Self-traning Program: 2 Details

You're tired of coming up short in Basketball.Youre done scanning the tryouts list to *not* see your name on it.You are finished with being the one who has to deal with disappointment.You're done being the invisible player.You see other players who have a LOT more game than you doing what they want to do on the court, while you struggle.You see players who have LESS game than you getting attention, respect and roster spots that should be yours.You've tried different things, but the results aren't coming - and when they do come, they're not enough.You're serious about your game, and you want a serious game - and serious results - to match.Maybe you started late.Maybe you've been cut from teams over and over again.Maybe you're close to just quitting on basketball completely.Im not here to convince you to not quit. But, since you have this Manual in your hands, use it. Follow what I tell you here and see the results. If, after using this, you still want to give it up, at least you'll know you gave it everything you had. And you can walk away in strength, with you head held high.Deal?Good.***I started playing basketball at age 14. Sat the varsity bench as a senior, my only year on the team.5 years later, I started a 9-year professional basketball career.The Signature Manuals are the culmination of all the years of hard work I put in on the courts, organized and explained for you to put in the same work, minus the years of trial and error. What youre left with is all the stuff that works.These Manuals will add any skill to your game that you're willing to put in the work to acquire. Any basketball skill you could possibly think of (and those that you wouldn't think of) is covered in these Manuals.The Signature Manuals are the exact drills and mindsets I used to go from the high school bench to the pros in just 5 years.You're an ambitious player, and your goal is to take your game to the next level, and the next level after that.The Signature Manuals are for you.You're willing to work on your game exactly as I tell you to.The Signature Manuals are for you.You've been wanting to add to your skill set, but just didn't know how.Good. The Signature Manuals are for you.You've been searching for one clear, simple, no-BS answer to improving your skills as a basketball player, reaching your full potential, and building your confidence not just for sports, but for LIFE.Fantastic.The Signature Manuals are for you.

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