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The treatise is divided into three distinct parts, thus: 1. Preliminaries. 2. The amazing human life of Christ on earth. 3. Mighty sequels, in time and eternity, to the human life of Christ on earth. Mysteries, both natural and supernatural, surround us, press us and penetrate us on all sides. We are simply steeped in mysteries. We are to our very selves, and each one of the brethren is to us, a mystery or rather a sheaf of mysteries. The material universe we are in is an enormous congeries of mysteries: in the inscrutable depths of the firmament, in the atmosphere which envelops our planet, above and beneath the surface of the earth, in the oceans, are found mysteries upon mysteries and mysteries within mysteries. Indeed when we meditate on these truths we realize just how awesome God really is! Let us consider the outline of the contemplation of this work: I N the great mystery of Jesus we can consider three distinct sets of mysteries, namely, (1) The mysteries of His sacred Flesh and Blood; (2) Those of His blessed human soul; and (3) Those of His pure Godhead.It is the contemplation of the sacred humanity of Our Lord, that is to say, of His human body and soul which will engross our attention in these pages. And let us return: WHOSOEVER pays loving reverence to the person of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, pays also loving reverence to His most Sacred Heart. It does not matter whether he realizes this or not, or actually think of it or not. This consideration is very sweet and comforting. It shows that the devotion to the Sacred Heart has been at least implicitly practised by the Church and all her children from the very beginning. Even heretics, when pious and in good faith, as is the case with a certain number of them, practise this devotion in spite of themselves and at the very time that they are condemning it in the Catholic Church. Indeed the Worship of the Sacred Heart is most appropriate for these times. God loves us and the Sacred Heart is a great demonstration of this love. He devotes a chapter to other works on our Lord Jesus Christ: The order I follow is this: beginning with contemporary books on Our Lord, I work my way up through the centuries to the very first, where we reach at last the bedrock foundation of the four Gospels and the rest of the Scriptures. I could not use the word "Christology" in this connection, because it is too learned a word for many of my readers, and also because the words at the head of this chapter allow of a larger scope in the choice of books to be recommended. The second part of this work explores the amazing life of Jesus Christ. Let us consider Jesus at four years old a bit: At the age of four the Child Jesus was growing wholly gracious. Still small enough to be taken up and carried in arms, an action which Mary and Joseph would do with unspeakable rapture-yet big enough to walk alone, and to make much happy stir in the house and round about it. The Child Jesus began to smile, to laugh and prattle, and to enter upon an innocent and happy life, like other dear little children of that age. I cannot imagine the Child Jesus frowning. No doubt from time to time His sweet Mother and His foster-father had suddenly come upon Him and found Him rapt in a state of prayer infinitely beyond His age: but as a rule His appearance and conduct were those of die most beautiful, perfect, natural and loving little child that ever existed.
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