The Messiah and Women: A Biblical View on Women and the Good News for them

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The Messiah and Women: A Biblical View on Women and the Good News for them Details

This resource entitled The Messiah and Women: The Biblical View of Women and the Good News for them, is also found in the Turkish language under the title Isa Mesih ve Kadin: Kutsal Kitabin Kadina Bakisi ve Onlar Icin Olan Iyi Haberi in Kindle Format. This book is to be used for distribution among Muslim background women so that they may hear the gospel of Jesus Christ from a world-view and paradigms that are familiar to them. The Bible and the gospel address each paradigm that a Muslim woman has concerns and fears about such as issues of cleanliness/purity, honor/shame, guilt/righteousness and power (spiritual forces). The last chapter deals with the biology and theology of having children and the value of boys and girls according to the Bible. There is great ignorance in many cultures regarding this subject as it is generally believed that the woman determines the sex of the child, and it is always the womans fault if they cannot bear a child, especially a male child. Some of the ideas may seem strange to a person with a western world-view who grew up mainly with a guilt/righteousness paradigm when thinking of the gospels application. This book will give the western background Christian a fuller understanding of of the gospels application to each paradigm and how relevant the Bible is to every culture and situation. This resource will also help the evangelist to Muslims better share the gospels message to their Muslim friend in a more culturally appropriate way. This book answers the following questions and many more: Are women lacking in religion? Are men really created superior to women in intelligence and faith? Are boys more valuable than girls? Did you know that one of Gods names is love? Did you know that even before God created the world He thought of you and planned to save you? Did you know that God wants to come to your home and your heart and to be your guest? Did you know that you are also invited to the feast of God which He has prepared? Is honor important for God? Have we dishonored God or dirtied His honor? What did God sacrifice for you? Did you know that the purity and holiness of the Messiah is contagious and that the person who touches Him is purified from the inside and the outside? In the Tevrat and Zebur do you know who the promised seed is? Does the Evil-Eye have any effect and how can we be protected from it? How can we enter into the Kingdom of God? Endorsements: In Jesus Christ and Women Yakup Korkmaz succinctly tells what the Bible has to say about the importance of women to God. There is a great tendency in all of the world since the Fall of mankind for men to be completely irresponsible regarding the treatment women. This has led to horrible abuses and suffering of women in most of the world, particularly in those places where the Good News of the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ is not widely known. The author gives the answer to this problem. It is the love of Jesus Christ who elevates and exalts the role of women, and gives men the ability to love them sacrificially. I commend this book to anyone seeking the truth of God about this important subject. Dr. Paul S. Sagan Senior Pastor Covenant Presbyterian Church Fayetteville, Arkansas
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