The Empowered Christian Woman: The Promises of Healing, Wholeness, and Favor

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The Empowered Christian Woman: The Promises of Healing, Wholeness, and Favor Details

We all need the pain to go away, those hurtful memories of the past to disappear, or even just once, to be bumped to first-class. God wants to heal our physical bodies, deliver us from nagging feelings of guilt, help us overcome poor self-esteem or other negative emotions, and He wants to shower us with blessings. Our Father doesn't just want to get us to heaven. He wants to help us enjoy this life on the way. The Empowered Christian Woman series was born out of a dream about Christian women who have been faithful churchgoers for many years, but did not yet know they were empowered by God to live an extraordinary life. I had compassion for them because I was once one of them, dependent solely on pastoral teaching and guidance, without studying the Bible for myself. This series began with its first book of Bible truth about the promise of new life, which is the "key" that opens all the doors to the rest of God's promises. The second book of Bible truth is about the promise of power, and how to allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives and guide us into all truth. In this third and last book, we explore Bible truth about the promises of healing, wholeness, and favor, with evidence revealed in the stories of women who have experienced miracles, physical and emotional healings, and deliverance from rejection, insecurity, fear, anxiety, depression and other debilitating emotions as well as enjoying God's favor. There is no reason why you, too, shouldn't be experiencing these supernatural works of God and living the amazing, empowered life He has for you.

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