The Donkey Speaks... Again! Could All the Prophets Be Wrong? Book

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Most all prophecy teachers agree that how you interpret Biblical prophecies will determine how you interpret the theology presented within it. Although there exist many different viewpoints concerning how Biblical prophecies must be interpreted, modern theologians can be placed in one of two distinct main categories. Amillennialist theories make the common assumption that most all Bible prophecy was fulfilled in the first century either at the cross or in 70AD when the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. Premillennialist theories have the common thread of belief that Jesus will return to earth and rule for a literal 1000 years before the final end comes. Both groups have some compelling arguments to support their claims. But, it seems, no matter what approach you take, contradictions always pop up at you when you attempt to either prove the theory against other prophetic passages, or simply try to fill in the voids with information from the rest of the Bible. The totally unacceptable response we will always get exclaims something like, "the meaning of that word or phrase is different in this verse." God will never change the meanings of symbols and phrases. What most theologians end up doing is then changing the Bible to match their own theories. They, in their own words, will say we must allow the Bible to interpret itself. What if you actually did what they all preach? Now, with this book, you will be able to understand the prophecies in the Bible including Revelation without years of specialized training. The basic outline presented in this book exposes the contradictions and hindrances in the two main Eschatological viewpoints, then takes you methodically through Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy, the parables in Matthew 24 & 25, and finally a verse by verse commentary on Revelation which will allow you to easily understand how everything fits together. The Bible uses words and phrases which will become the "keys" to unlocking and synchronizing all prophetic passages together. Revelation was written in such a way that the reader is forced to study the entire Bible in order to unlock its secrets. This book does not squeeze and distort a few Bible verses into a preformed mold and proclaim some new supernatural revelation garnered from an out-of-body experience like many others have done. The timeline of end-times events portrayed in this book have been determined solely from Bible prophecies. The end result may shock many of you. For Christians, long held deeply entrenched convictions on this subject will be shattered, and you will be forced to seek a deeper more meaningful relationship with God. For non-believers, current and very near future world events should make you take a closer look at the God of the Bible as a truly legitimate and logical answer to what is happening and what will begin to happen VERY soon!
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