Suddenly Solomon: The Last Musician/Parting the Darkness

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"Astonishing! Remarkable! Totally captivating and unpredictable! A most anointed and blessed write by mind blowing author Jw Landmon! An apocalyptic story unlike any other ever envisioned!" Minister Sudegayel Rogers. The end? It didn't come because of a particular president, world leader, tyrant, terrorist group or war. It didn't come from nukes. It didn't come from meteors or global warming. In fact, the end came the same way it started. From God! In a world without politics and laws as we know them. Technology gone and electricity eliminated for good. We follow the very real interactive lives of characters left to discover truth after total global devastation. Where murder and love don't mix. Or do they? Excerpt from Scene 39 "The Prophet on the Road." The old man turned, smiled and looked back at Tommy. He then pulled two beetles from out of his beard. He ate them happily crunching away as their body fluids moistened his lips. Then dragging his brick foot along, he began again. "The electrical beast, they are all dead. There is no technology. There is no government. There is no conspiracy. There is no science. There is no single anti-Christ. All that is left is good and evil and people's choice between Jesus and death. Your king will be defeated by a woman child. But the one who preaches, may intercede in prayer, for all of the souls which are headed down there. Solomon sees and Solomon flies, for under his wings lay God's eyes. God's last Prophet and all the Kings men will not be able to save your King in the end."
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