Speak Now: Magnify Your Life, Transform Others & Receive Your Blessings

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I am a story girl and I will always be. All the achievements and blessings in my life right now has been achieved through telling my story. My story paid all my bills and debts, my story saved my life, my story provides for my family; my story saved my children's lives; my story paid all my University degrees; my story saved me from being homeless; my story saved me from abusive situation and torture. My story moved mountains from another country to this. My story is my life. For me, the ability to tell one's story is a crucial aspect of self-advocacy. We are searching for God; for real and honest community. This book is a call to do just what you can, to transform lives by telling our stories with courage, honesty and integrity. It's a call to acknowledge that each of our stories are unique and special, they are transforming power in our lives. The stories of how God transformed our lives has an incredible power to change our lives and others. It's a call to engage with other people. By simply telling your story, your story can change lives, build bridges, affect change and proclaim God's kingdom. There is nothing beautiful than telling the story of a wonderful experience and pulling both the positive lessons and negative lessons out and transforming them into opportunities to learn and grow. This book is well worth owning and reading. In this book, I encourage the learner and the reader to look at their personal life as a collection of stories full of precious lessons and powerful inspiration. I believe and trust that individuals who wish to grow in their appreciation of the word of God will all appreciate and enjoy this book.
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