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Social Welfare & Social Services Price in India

Latest Social Welfare & Social Services Models List (2018) Updated Prices
Renounce God To Be God (English)Rs.200
Who Were The ShudrasRs.220
Apatti Vyavasthapan (Disaster Management)Rs.249
Stree Swatvacha Shodh (स्त्री स्वत्वाचा शोध)Rs.120
The Problem Of RupeeRs.210
Rise & Fall of Hindu Women,Ranade Gandhi And Jinnah,Communal Deadlock And A Way to Solve It,Administration And Finance of the East India Company,India and the Prerequisites of Communism,Annihilation Of CasteRs.491
Babasaheb Dr.Ambedkar's The Kathmandu Speech,Caste in India,Waiting For A Visa,Riddle of Rama & Krishna,Mr.Gandhi and the Emancipation of the Untouchables,Annihilation Of CasteRs.385
Pakistan Or The Partition Of India,What Congress and Gandhi Have Done To Untouchables ,Who Were The Shudras,The Buddha And His Dhamma,The Problem Of The Rupee,Annihilation Of Caste (Combo of 6 Books)Rs.1,700
Aarogya aani Samaj [Health and Society(Marathi)] - Diamond PublicationsRs.350
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