Social Justice Education

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In this latest dynamic text the author outlines the foundations of Academic Administration today. What is unique about this text is that it proceeds one step further by not just dwelling on the theory but focuses the majority of the text on the practical aspects of efficient academic administration for today. Social Justice Education is: academic administration in action, change management in practice, a powerful method to unite academic teams, and school campuses. This text presents studies in: anti-colonial and Indigenous studies, gender studies, class and poverty studies, diaspora, and transnational studies, the role of media, and communication, feminist, LGBTQ and disability studies, ethics in administration, and anti- racist and social class studies. But how does an academic administration team implement Social Justice Education? This is the purpose of this timely text.

This latest research looks at the origin and purpose of education. This text looks at the constant rise in anxiety, mental health issues, and depression in our students today. This extreme competition and labeling of students is highly unhealthy for our students. The label we give our students will follow them into their adulthood. Our current system is broken and has been broken for many generations of students. Education was supposed to be medicine for the human spirit, mind, and body. Real education takes care of the human spirit like medicine--it nurtures the spirit and emotions. Currently, if a student shows emotion or has a behavioural issue, the student will be put into the hall or sent to the office. Worst case scenario, the student is labeled and put into a different learning stream, and the issue of the student is never looked after, but neglected, and they never reach their true potential. This text looks at education as medicine, and furthermore it looks into the important pedagogy of seeing the importance of peace education--peace and justice studies as the foundation of peace in our schools, communities, and nations.

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