Saved to Tell

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Saved to Tell is a true and honest story about survival, faith, fellowship and a family's struggle with God's plan. This miraculous experience changed Wanda and her family forever, and God has asked her to share it with you. Wanda Kawadza moved to Botswana in 2002-not realizing what life-changing experiences waited for her there. This would be the setting of Wanda's most physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging test of her life. Wanda's life and living have been governed by her Christian faith. With children in college in America, her husband in Zimbabwe, a fulfilling and stimulating abroad job, meaningful relationships and fellowship at home and in Botswana, she knew she was blessed and could see God's hand at work in all their lives. Her Christian faith influences her conduct and responses to day to day challenges. With an upcoming employment review, Wanda knew that God had provided her the job and believed that He would secure it for her. Wanda's faith is the source of her courage and strength to overcome whatever challenges come her way. On February 14th, 2004, Wanda was clutching her Bible, now torn and marked with her own blood. She had been thrown from the twin cab pickup truck she had boarded to take her home, and now was helpless and unconsciousness along the road.
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